Lafiya Male Delay Spray Review

Lafiya Male Delay Spray is made from natural herbs and plant extracts. It has no side effects and provides an ideal solution for premature ejaculation. It can significantly increase your ejaculation duration.

The issue with Lafiya Delay Spray is that it is expensive, contains ethanol (which means it is not 100% chemical-free), and it doesn’t offer any money back guarantee.

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This detailed Lafiya Male Delay Spray review covers everything about this herbal climax control spray including ingredients, lasting duration, how to use it, pros, cons, alternatives, and more.

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What is Lafiya Male Delay Spray?

Lafiya Male Delay Spray

Lafiya Male Delay Spray is a Chinese-made herbal spray for premature ejaculation. It does not contain any local anesthetic which makes it an herbal delay spray. It helps you last longer in bed without significantly reducing the sensitivity of your penis, and it empowers your nerves and makes you last longer in bed.

Lafiya Delay Spray is made from natural ingredients most of which are plant extracts and herbs such as maca and Epimedium.

How Does Lafiya Male Delay Spray Work?

It works by giving you full control over ejaculatory muscles that help you control the ejaculatory reflex (read more about the ejaculatory reflex process here). The natural ingredients used in Lafiya Delay Spray promote sexual health as they are part of the ancient Chinese medicine system.

For example, zanthoxylum bungeanum is a major ingredient used in Lafiya Spray and it is scientifically known to have numbing properties as reported in these studies. Epimedium is another ingredient used in Lafiya Delay Spray that’s known to improve blood circulation and improves erection, as reported here.

So, Lafiya Spray does have a numbing effect and it is not 100% non-numbing delay spray. The numbing effect isn’t as strong as lidocaine and benzocaine delay sprays.

Lafiya Male Delay Spray works in two ways:

  1. It uses natural, herbal ingredients to reduce the sensitivity of your penis. It has a mild numbing effect that usually goes unnoticed.
  2. It has natural ingredients that support overall sexual health by improving erection, stamina, and performance.

It is not a 100% non-numbing delay spray for men, rather Lafiya is an herbal numbing spray.

How to Use Lafiya Delay Spray?

You need to apply 3-5 pumps to your penis head and shaft. Wait for 10-30 minutes and let the spray absorb completely before you proceed with the action.

A better idea is to follow this step-by-step guide to using Lafiya Spray to increase its effectiveness:

  1. Wash your penis with water
  2. Apply 3-5 pumps to the penis head and shaft
  3. Gently massage your penis and distribute spray evenly to the head and shaft
  4. Wait 10-30 minutes and let the spray absorb
  5. If you want to have oral sex, it is recommended to wash your penis with water to avoid transmitting ingredients to your partner’s mouth
  6. Proceed with intercourse
  7. Wash your penis after intercourse.

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Lafiya Male Delay Spray Ingredients

It contains the following ingredients:

  • Cynomorium: It is used as food and medicine to treat multiple diseases. Cynomorium songaricum is a flowering plant that grows in warm areas and it tastes sweet. It is mostly used to treat liver, kidney, and large intestine disorders. It is used in Lafiya Delay Spray to improve male fertility and sperm health. An animal study reported that cynomorium extracts increase male fertility by improving sperm health.
  • Cistanche: Cistanche deserticola is a desert parasitic plant that is known for its health benefits including constipation, infertility, and tetanus. It has been used in China for more than 2,000 years for the treatment of several diseases. A review study reported that cistanche enhances sexual health and immunity. 
  • Epimedium: Also known as horny goat weed, barrenwort, bishop’s hat, fairy wings, or yin yang huo. It is a famous plant that is used extensively in sexual enhancement supplements due to its benefits. It is a rich source of antioxidants and its ability to improve blood circulation to your penis makes it an ideal herb for improving erection. A study reported that Epimedium leaf extract improves erectile dysfunction in men.
  • Saffron: It is a spice that is extracted from the saffron crocus plant. It has several health benefits, one of which is its ability to improve libido (sex drive). A systematic review revealed that taking saffron improves erectile dysfunction, increases libido, and overall sexual satisfaction. 
  • Maca: It is an edible vegetable that is related to cabbage and broccoli. Maca or maca root (also called Lepidium meyenii) has several health benefits such as enhancement of sex drive and increase in energy and mood. This is a reason maca is widely used in sexual enhancement supplements. A study reported that maca improves erectile dysfunction when used with Chinese chive seed. Another study reported that maca increases semen concentration when used consistently for 12 weeks. 
  • Zanthoxylum bungeanum: It is a spice that has several scientifically proven health benefits. It relieves pain and inflammation, it has antifungal and antibacterial properties, improves digestive disorders, and acts as a natural numbing agent. A study reported that zanthoxylum oil induces strong numbness when applied to the skin. This is what makes it a must-have part of Lafiya Delay Spray.
  • Aconitum carmichaelii debx: It is a flowering plant that grows in East Asia and is known for its numerous health benefits. It is used in Lafiya Spray as it has pain relieving abilities and it reduces swelling and treats skin allergies including eczema, according to multiple studies. It saves your skin from swelling and injuries that might be caused by other Lafiya Spray ingredients. 
  • Ethanol: It is an organic compound and it is the same alcohol that’s found in alcoholic drinks. It is used in skincare products to dissolve ingredients and improves absorption and skin penetration of the ingredients it is mixed with. Ethanol is not a natural product so Lafiya Delay Spray is not 100% natural and herbal as claimed by the manufacturer.
  • Purified water: Water is used as a base and solvent in Lafiya Spray to improve the penetration of other ingredients in the skin. Purified water is used in skin care products widely and has no side effects.

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Lafiya Male Delay Spray Side Effects

Generally, Lafiya Delay Spray has no side effects as it mostly has herbal ingredients. The topical use of these herbal ingredients is safe.

Ethanol is the only problematic ingredient in Lafiya Male Spray for two main reasons:

  1. Ethanol is not a natural ingredient
  2. Its quantity isn’t mentioned.

Excessive use of ethanol on human skin leads to skin irritation, numbness, and other issues. A study reported that applying ethanol on the skin even at low concentrations leads to skin cell death due to high toxicity.

You might experience skin irritation, itching, or redness in rare cases after using Lafiya Delay Spray.

Stop using the spray in case of any negative symptoms.


Lafiya Delay Spray is available in a 6 ml bottle which is priced at $25.99. A single bottle has approximately 45 pumps. Here is a price breakdown:

  • Price per ml: $4.33
  • Price per pump: $0.58

The price is a bit on the high side considering the fact that you need to use at least 3 pumps per session (as recommended by the seller) which means a single bottle will last for 15 sessions.

When compared to the price of other herbal delay sprays, Lafiya Delay Spray is the most expensive option among them. See the detailed comparison in this chart.

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Pros and Cons


  • Herbal delay spray for men that’s made from natural ingredients
  • All the herbs and plant extracts are backed by scientific evidence
  • It has no side effects
  • It has a mild numbing effect that maintains the sensation so you can enjoy sex
  • It is fragrance-free
  • Works for oral sex.


  • It is marketed as a non-numbing delay spray, however, the ingredients used might have a numbing effect
  • It is not 100% natural as it contains ethanol
  • An expensive delay spray.

Lafiya Male Delay Spray Alternatives

Here are the best Lafiya Delay Spray alternatives that you should try if Lafiya Spray doesn’t meet your expectations:

1. VigRX Delay Spray

VigRX Delay Spray bottle

VigRX Delay Spray is one of the best herbal delay sprays for men. It contains herbs and benzocaine (a topical anesthetic) to make you last longer in bed. Natural ingredients include raspberry, maca, panax ginseng, and others.

It works by reducing the sensitivity of your penis slightly so you can enjoy sex and last longer in bed too. It has no side effects and is manufactured in a 100% cGMP-compliant facility.

It is quite affordable with a price per ml of $0.86 and a price per pump of $0.11. You get a 67-day money back guarantee and free shipping throughout the US.

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2. Abiducns Male Genital Desensitizer Spray

Abiducns Male Genital Desensitizer Spray

Abiducns Male Desensitizer Spray is manufactured in China from natural ingredients including maca, saw palmetto, Epimedium, and others. It has a numbing formula but the numbing effect isn’t too strong. You will still be able to feel sensation down there and you will be able to enjoy sex.

The best thing about Abiducns Delay Spray is that its lasting duration is over 2 hours making it quite effective. It is slightly cheaper than Lafiya Delay Spray as the price per ml is $3.60 and the price per pump is $0.51.

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3. Ussato Male Delay Spray

Ussato Male Delay Spray

Ussato Delay Spray for Men is another Chinese-manufactured delay spray. It has herbal ingredients with the major ones being maca and Epimedium. The numbing effect is quite mild which means you have to pump multiple sprays to increase its effectiveness.

The good thing about Ussato Delay Spray is that it is a bit less pricey than Lafiya Spray with a price per ml of $2.50 and a price per pump is $0.42.

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Final Words

Lafiya Male Delay Spray is an effective herbal spray for premature ejaculation. It has no reported side effects and has a minimal numbing effect that ensures you enjoy intercourse with your female partner.

The only downside is that it is a bit more expensive than other herbal delay sprays. In fact, it is the most expensive herbal delay spray for men on the market. If you are looking for a cost-effective herbal delay spray, you should buy VigRX Delay Spray as it is the cheapest herbal delay spray out there.

Lafiya Delay Spray is suitable for men who need a natural, safe, and chemical-free spray.

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