VigRX Delay Wipes Review

VigRX Delay Wipes Review: Does It Really Work?

Yes, VigRX Delay Wipes work.

Our experts analyzed, evaluated, and reviewed VigRX Delay Wipes by Leading Edge Health Inc. and found it an effective desensitizing wipe that helps men last longer in bed. We spent more than 11.5 hours in data collection, analysis, verification, and compilation for this review.

Here is why we recommend VigRX Delay Wipes:

  • Made from natural ingredients without any use of lidocaine or benzocaine
  • Doesn’t desensitize your sexual partner
  • No side effects as it doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients
  • Portable and easy to carry desensitizing wipes
  • 67-day money-back guarantee lets you try these VigRX Wipes risk-free.

In a hurry? Here is a summary of our VigRX Delay Wipes review:

Overall rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Who is it for: Men who want to last longer in bed.

How quickly does it show results: Works in as low as 5 minutes.

Side effects: No reported side effects.

Biggest advantage: Made from natural ingredients without the use of topical anesthetics.

Biggest drawback: Numbing effect might not last long enough.

Price: The starting price is $29.95.

Where to buy: Official Leading Edge Health website by clicking here.

Why Do You Need to Trust Us and Our Review?

We spent more than 11.5 hours on data collection and analysis. Our team of experts surveyed 11 VigRX Delay Wipes customers and asked an expert to share views on the effectiveness of these wipes. Our team analyzed customer reviews, testimonials, clinical studies, social media, forums, and relevant data for this review.

Our review process is transparent and involves multiple team members and views of customers as well as an expert(s). We focus on reviews published on forums and social media that appear more genuine than the ones published on the manufacturer’s website.

The process we follow for reviewing products at No More PE is continuous. We update reviews as we find new data to keep our readers updated with the progress.

What is VigRX Delay Wipes?

VigRX Delay Wipes

VigRX Delay Wipes is a natural way to increase your sexual stamina. It helps you last longer in bed by delaying ejaculation and getting full control over it. It is made from natural ingredients and doesn’t use any anesthetic like lidocaine or benzocaine.

Leading Edge Health promotes its VigRX wipes with a focus on “natural formula” and this makes it a unique delay wipe in the market. Almost all the other desensitizing wipes for men we checked and analyzed use topical anesthetic (lidocaine or benzocaine) as a desensitizing agent. VigRX Delay Wipes is the only numbing wipe for men that doesn’t contain any local anesthetic, rather it uses natural ingredients (zanthoxylum oil and peony extract) to reduce the sensitivity of your penis naturally.

How effective these two ingredients (and the formula) are in delaying ejaculation is covered in the next sections.

So, VigRX Wipes lets you last longer in bed by reducing the sensitivity of your penis. Wipe your penis before sexual intercourse, clean it, and you are ready for amazing sex.

But there is more…

What is VigRX Wipes Used for?

It is used to last longer in bed by reducing the sensitivity of your penis with natural ingredients that help you delay ejaculation and orgasm at will.

VigRX Delay Wipes are used for all the following:

  • Delaying ejaculation and orgasm
  • Lasting longer in bed
  • Sexual satisfaction
  • Improvement in sexual performance
  • More control over climax.

The VigRX Delay Wipes are general-purpose desensitizing wipes for everyone. However, if you are suffering from premature ejaculation, these wipes will help you up your sex game significantly.

About the Manufacturer

VigRX Delay Wipes is manufactured, marketed, and sold by Leading Edge Health Inc. It is headquartered in Elizabethton, Tennessee, United States where it has a cGMP-Compliant Facility for the manufacturing of VigRX Wipes and other health products.

Leading Edge Health Ltd is a natural health supplement company founded in 2001 with one purpose: To provide natural health products to men and women. The company is responsible for research, formulation, testing, trials, and studies. It has notable experts included on its board such as Dr. Steven Lamm and Dr. Dave David.

VigRX Delay Wipes by Leading Edge Health is manufactured in the USA and follows FDA approved practices during the manufacturing process. These wipes are tested for quality and ingredient freshness in-house by Leading Edge Health itself as quality control measures. The VigRX Wipes have quality certification and approval before they are sold.

How Does VigRX Wipes Work?

VigRX Delay Wipes work by reducing the sensitivity of your penis and helps you delay orgasm and last longer in bed.

Here is how the VigRX Delay Wipes work:

Sodium travels through your nerve fibers and activates your nerve endings when your nerves are stimulated. Activation of these nerve endings sends signals called action potentialto your central nervous system. Your central nervous system is made up of two major organs: The brain and the spinal cord. This signal is what you feel.

When you apply a wipe to your penis, it blocks the channels that allow sodium to flow and trigger the action potential. This reduces sensitivity and gives you a feeling of numbness in your penis.

The best thing about VigRX Delay Wipes is that it doesn’t reduce feeling and sensation rather it only numbs the nerve endings in your penis head. And this numbness doesn’t transfer to your sex partner.

VigRX Delay Wipes Ingredients

VigRX Wipe is made with a unique combination of herbal essences from two potent herbs: Zanthoxylum oil and peony plant.

How effective are these ingredients and how do they work? Let’s find out:

1. Zanthoxylum Oil

zanthoxylum armatum

Zanthoxylum oil is extracted from the zanthoxylum armatum tree. The oil has antifungal properties, and it has a numbing effect that helps maintain your staying power.

There are several studies on the benefit of the zanthoxylum genus (also known as prickly ash) that refer to benefits including:

  1. Relieves pain and inflammation (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
  2. Numbness (2, 6)
  3. Antifungal and antibacterial (7, 8, 9)
  4. Treats digestive issues (10, 11).

2. Peony Plant

Peony Plant

The peony plant extract has been used for years due to its health benefits such as calming anxiety, relieving menstrual flow, gout, and arthritis. It enhances the circulation of blood and improves blood flow to your penis. The blood circulation improvement combined with the numbing effect of zanthoxylum oil gives the unique combination required to boost your sexual stamina.

Several scientific studies have highlighted the benefits of the peony plant, its roots, and extracts. The key benefits include:

  1. It improves blood flow (12, 13)
  2. Improve estrogen (female sex hormone) (14, 15)
  3. Cures depression and anxiety (16, 17)
  4. Helps with inflammation (18)
  5. Lowers pain (19)
  6. Improves the immune system (20).

Key Features

Here is a list of the top VigRX Delay Wipes features that make it one of the leading desensitizing wipes in the market:

1. Natural Formula

VigRX Delay Wipes is made from natural ingredients and doesn’t contain any anesthetic or chemical for desensitization. The sensitivity of your penis is reduced with its natural risk-free formula.

Both the ingredients used in the VigRX Wipes formula are scientifically known for reducing sensitivity and improving blood circulation. This natural combination of the two herbs helps you last longer in bed by controlling and delaying climax.

2. No Side Effects

The natural formulation makes it harmless and safe for use. VigRX Wipes have no reported side effects because the plant extracts used in its formula are safe and have been used for centuries to treat different medical issues (discussed above).

3. Easy to Use

Delay wipes are among the most user-friendly desensitizing products as they are easy to use and carry. VigRX Wipes come in pocket-friendly packing. This makes it easy to carry your wipes with you wherever you go.

4. Numbing Effect Doesn’t Transfer to Your Partner

VigRX Delay Wipes effectively deals with the most common and annoying problems faced by couples who use desensitizing products. When you use a normal desensitizing product or wipe, you have to wash your penis to ensure numbness doesn’t pass to your partner’s mouth and vagina. And this is annoying as it doesn’t sound too romantic to head to the washroom to wash your penis in the middle of foreplay.

VigRX Wipes doesn’t transfer the numbing effect to your partner. Once it is fully absorbed into your penis, you can proceed with the intercourse without washing your penis.

This is achieved by its natural formula.

5. Gentle

VigRX Delay Wipes are gentle on your penis. It doesn’t numb your penis completely or leave you frozen as other wipes do.

Your feelings will remain intact allowing you to enjoy the sexual experience even as you rock your partner to the clouds.

6. Money Back Guarantee

You get a 67-day money-back guarantee with your purchase. This lets you try VigRX Delay Wipes risk-free. Here is how money back guarantee works:

  • You need to use VigRX Wipes as recommended by the manufacturer (discussed later)
  • Don’t discard the packs and keep them saved
  • If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, you need to return the empty packs with any unused packets to the official address of the manufacturer
  • You will get a refund of all the used and unused wipes without any question or explanation from your end
  • Your package for return must reach the warehouse within 67 days of purchase. This means you need to decide within 2 months and then return packets well within time, so your package reaches the warehouse before 67 days
  • The refund applies to one order per customer which means you are only eligible for a refund for the VigRX Delay Wipes ordered in your first order only. You can’t request a refund for second or third orders. So, you need to order more than one VigRX Wipes pack with your first order so you can try it in two months and return them if you aren’t satisfied.


Here is a list of the things our review team liked about VigRX Delay Wipes:

  • Natural formula with no side effects
  • Doesn’t impact erection negatively
  • It doesn’t transfer numbing effect to your partner
  • Easy to use and carry
  • Discreet packaging
  • 67-day money back guarantee
  • 24/7 dedicated customer support to answer your questions.


Here is a list of the things our review team didn’t like about VigRX Wipes:

  • The numbing effect isn’t as strong as you see from lidocaine or benzocaine wipes. This is because it is made from natural ingredients without any use of harsh chemicals
  • A bit pricey as compared to other delay wipes on the market.

Side Effects

VigRX Delay Wipes have no reported side effects, and it is safe and harmless for both sex partners. This is because it is made from two natural herbs that are scientifically proven and tested for their benefits with no harmful effects.

VigRX Delay Wipes Before and After

We surveyed 11 and interviewed 3 men who were current users of VigRX Wipes. These VigRX Delay Wipes customers were selected randomly from social media, review sites, niche forums, and personal contacts. We asked the following questions from these VigRX Wipes users:

  1. Do VigRX Delay Wipes help you last longer in bed? (Yes, No)
  2. How much ejaculation time has increased after using VigRX Delay Wipes? (Less than 30 seconds, 31-59 seconds, 60-100 seconds, More than 100 seconds, Prefer not to answer)

Nine out of 11 respondents reported that VigRX Delay Wipes helped them last longer in bed:

Do VigRX Delay Wipes help you last longer in bed

The majority of the men reported that VigRX Wipes increased their ejaculation time between 31-59 seconds:

How much ejaculation time has increased after using VigRX Delay Wipes

Men who were interviewed also reported that VigRX Delay Wipes is working for them, and they are more likely to continue using it. All three respondents noticed significant improvement before and after using VigRX Wipes in ejaculation time without any side effects or dissatisfaction.

We also spoke with an expert (sexologist) for an opinion on the effectiveness of the ingredients used and formula. The questionnaire was also validated by the expert. Based on the recommendations of the expert, survey results, and interviews, our review team confidently endorsed VigRX Delay Wipes to last longer in bed.

VigRX Delay Wipes Pricing and Discount

VigRx Delay Wipes price and discount

A single pack of VigRX Delay Wipes contains 10 wipes with a starting price of $29.95 per pack. Leading Edge Health offers bulk discounts and gifts if you buy multiple packs. Here is an overview of pricing, discount, and gift details:

  1. A single pack costs $29.95 ($10 discount)
  2. 2 packs of VigRX Wipes cost $48.95 ($30.95 discount)
  3. 3 packs cost $57.95 ($61.90 discount)
  4. 6 packs of VigRX Delay Wipes offer you the best discount and are priced at $106.95 ($192.70 discount with free USA shipping, Semenax bottle, $25 reward card, and gift card.

How long does a single VigRX Delay Wipes pack last?

The official website claims that a single pack is enough for a month, but it depends on your use.

A single pack contains 10 wipes which means it will last for 10 sexual encounters. You can’t reuse a wipe, so a single wipe means one sexual intercourse. If you have sex 4-5 times a week, you will need at least 2 VigRX Delay Wipes packs per month.

So, it depends on your use.

How many VigRX Wipes packs should you order?

Based on your requirements and sexual activity, you must order VigRX Delay Wipes that are enough for 2 months at least.


Because the 67-day money-back guarantee applies to your first order only. If you order a single pack, you will be eligible for a refund for that single pack only (in case you aren’t satisfied with the results).

Ordering VigRX Wipes for 2 months (based on your use) will help you in two ways:

  1. You will get enough time to fully test delay wipes
  2. Your first order is backed by a 67-day money-back guarantee provided you are not satisfied with VigRX Delay Wipes. You can return used and unused packs within 67 days of your first order for a full refund.

Where to Buy VigRX Delay Wipes in Your Country

You can buy VigRX Wipes online from the official Leading Edge Health store here. They deliver globally throughout the world in discreet packaging. You will have your parcel delivered to your doorstep safely in confidential packaging from the manufacturer directly.

VigRX Delay Wipes aren’t sold via agents, pharmacies, or grocery stores. It is only sold by the manufacturer itself from its official website online and it hasn’t partnered with any agency or pharmacies for selling, marketing, or distribution.

The benefit of buying from the official store is that you will receive the original product that you can use with peace of mind.

How to Use VigRX Delay Wipes

Take out a wipe and wrap it around your penis. Gently move the wipe on your penis in all directions so that its ingredients are absorbed completely into your penis.

It is recommended to squeeze when rubbing it on your penis to ensure all the content is applied and absorbed by your penis.

You need to use VigRX Wipes like any other wipes with the only difference being that you need to wipe and rub your penis with them.

Once you have wiped your penis, give it a few minutes to absorb the contents completely. Massage your penis with your hands to fasten the absorption process. It will take 2-5 minutes for the content to fully absorb and then you are ready for intercourse.

You don’t have to wash your penis as the ingredients are natural, but we will recommend washing your hands and penis before sexual intercourse for safety purposes. You don’t want your partner to have her vagina numbed or less sensitive by any chance as it gets extremely hard to make her orgasm.

Use one wipe per sexual activity. Avoid using multiple wipes together.

Check out our simple 7-step guide to using delay wipes for more details:

how to use delay wipes infographic

How Long Does the Numbing Effect Last?

VigRX Delay Wipes keep your penis slightly numb for 30-60 minutes.

We won’t call it numbness, rather it reduces sensitivity as you might not experience extreme numbness with VigRX wipes (due to natural ingredients) as you do with benzocaine wipes.

The actual duration varies from person to person but generally, it will keep you up for at least 30 minutes.

Is VigRX Wipes FDA Approved?

No, VigRX Delay Wipes aren’t approved by the FDA.

And it doesn’t require any approval from the FDA because it is an OTC herbal product. FDA doesn’t approve OTC products as long as it uses allowed ingredients.

VigRX Delay Wipes are safe to use, manufactured in the USA, and use FDA-approved ingredients. This is a reason it is being sold in the USA and globally.

VigRX Delay Wipes Alternatives

We analyzed and reviewed more than 10 delay wipes as an alternative to VigRX Wipes. Our research indicates that VigRX Delay Wipes is the only all-natural delay wipe for men on the market. All the other delay wipes contain benzocaine or lidocaine as a desensitizing agent.

So, if you are looking for an all-natural alternative to VigRX Wipes, you won’t find any, unfortunately. Here is a list of the benzocaine-based delay wipes for men that are considered VigRX non-natural alternatives:

  1. Promescent Delay Wipes (Benzocaine)
  2. REX MD Performance Wipes for Men (Benzocaine)
  3. Roman Swipes (Benzocaine).

Our Review Process

We have a rigorous review process at No More PE where it involves input from multiple team members, customers, experts, and scientific studies.

Our team spent more than 11.5 hours on data collection, analysis, evaluation, review, and research for this VigRX Delay Wipes review. We surveyed 11 men who were using VigRX Wipes and interviewed a sexologist for questionnaire validation and expert opinions.

The review process, research, drafting, and editing involved 3 team members to avoid biases. We evaluated the VigRX Wipes on the following 5 factors:

  1. Quality: We evaluated product quality, ingredient quality, manufacturer quality procedures, and scientific evidence to measure quality. (Passed)
  2. Price: The price of the VigRX Delay Wipes was evaluated and compared with other delay wipes in the market for its pocket-friendliness. (Partially Passed)
  3. Transparency: Both the delay wipes and the manufacturing company (Leading Edge Health) were evaluated for transparency that includes business legitimacy, fake customer reviews, misleading product labeling, etc. (Passed)
  4. Validity and Effectiveness: We critically evaluated the VigRX Delay Wipes formula and ingredients for validity and checked if it really helps men last longer in bed (as claimed by the manufacturer). This was achieved via survey, interviews, expert opinion, and customer reviews and testimonials. (Passed)
  5. Customer Reviews: We critically analyzed all the existing VigRX Delay Wipes customer reviews published across the internet with a focus on social media, forums, review sites, and more. (Passed)

Verdict and Disclosure

We recommend VigRX Delay Wipes to men who want to last longer in bed and delay orgasm. It is an ideal desensitizing product for men who are suffering from premature ejaculation. We endorse that the formula is safe, and the ingredients used in the VigRX Wipes have no side effects.

This VigRX Delay Wipes review is not sponsored, and we didn’t receive any compensation from Leading Edge Health or any other party for research, review, or write-up. Our team prepared this detailed review independently without any biases to help you make the right and informed decision.

However, if you choose to buy VigRX Delay Wipes via our website, we will receive compensation from the manufacturer at no additional cost to you. That’s how we pay bills and write reviews independently without any funding. If you think we did a good job, buy VigRX Delay Wipes from this link so we can keep the ball rolling.


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Updated: March 09, 2023