VigRX Plus Review

VigRX Plus Review: Does it Work for PE?

Yes, VigRX Plus works for premature ejaculation.

We analyzed and reviewed all the aspects and features of VigRX Plus by Leading Edge Health, spent more than 3 months on research, data collection, data refining, and analysis, and read and examined more than 50 scientific studies to recommend that VigRX Plus is the best natural supplement for most men who are suffering from premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and low libido.

Here is why we recommend VigRX Plus:

  • It is scientifically proven in clinical studies to be effective in improving sexual satisfaction by 71.43%
  • The formula is derived from ingredients, herbs, and drugs mentioned in 47 different scientific studies published in peer-reviewed journals (we reviewed all these studies individually)
  • Made from natural ingredients that have minimal or no side effects and almost all of them are backed by scientific studies to be good for men’s sexual health
  • Multipurpose tablet that improves overall sexual performance and doesn’t just target a single type of sexual issue
  • Comes with a 67-day money back guarantee which means you can try it risk-free.

In a hurry? Here is the summary of our VigRX Plus review:

Overall rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Who is it for: Men suffering from erectile dysfunction and/or premature ejaculation

How quickly does it show results: 1-3 months

Side effects: No major side effects were reported. Mild ones include headaches and digestive disorders

Biggest advantage: Scientifically proven and clinically tested natural formula

Biggest drawback: Requires consistent usage to keep seeing results

Price: The starting price is $69.95 for a month’s supply ($20 discount)

Where to buy: Official Leading Edge Health website by clicking here.

Why Do You Need to Trust Us and Our Review?

Our research team spent more than 3 months collectively vetting reviews, scientific articles, and talking to experts and customers. We critically analyzed publicly available data and reviews on VigRX Plus on leading websites like Trustpilot, forums, social media, and more. The scientific studies mentioned by the VigRX Plus and studies published in peer-reviewed journals were read and analyzed for accuracy and authenticity.

Finally, our research team spoke with two sexologists. We shared the ingredients of VigRX Plus (without mentioning the product’s name) and asked them to share their opinion on the effectiveness of these ingredients. Both experts rated all the ingredients to be effective for improving sexual performance in men.

We follow a rigorous research and analysis process and follow a systematic method to come up with reviews that represent a true picture. The process is continuous, and this is a reason we keep updating reviews as we find new data during periodic inspections for accuracy.

What is VigRX Plus?

Vigrx Plus box

VigRX Plus is an all-natural sex booster OTC supplement manufactured and sold by Leading Edge Health. The formula is scientifically proven and tested and is based on more than 10 years of research by the company. It has been manufactured and sold since 2007 and as of 2022, Leading Edge Health Inc. has sold more than 1.2 million boxes globally.

What makes it so popular?

Our research suggests that scientifically proven formula and quality natural ingredients are the two key aspects that stand out. The formula boosts your sexual performance in 3 ways:

  1. Improves erection
  2. Increases libido (refers to sex drive or sex desire)
  3. Better control over erection and ejaculation.

It uses BioPerine which is a natural ingredient scientifically known for significantly increasing the absorption capability of the ingredients it is mixed with. BioPerine makes VigRX Plus more effective and ensures all the tablet ingredients are absorbed and nothing is wasted.

What to expect after using VigRX Plus?

Men who use reported that they experience improvement in sex drive (libido), erection, ejaculation, penetration, intercourse satisfaction, and orgasm quality. The results take time to show, and they might vary from person to person. Some experience better and harder erections while others can control and maintain erection and ejaculation.

What VigRX Plus is Used for?

VigRX Plus is used for improving erection and boosting sexual desire in men. It is ideal for those who are suffering from:

  1. Premature ejaculation
  2. Erectile dysfunction
  3. Low libido.

So, it is used to give you control over ejaculation, improve erection, and increase sex drive. VigRX Plus is backed by clinical studies that make it one of the few supplements in the market that are backed by clinical trials.

A triple-blind placebo-controlled randomized clinical study was conducted in 2012 which was funded by Vedic Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd. The study involved 78 men aged 25–50 years. The subjects suffered from mild to moderate erectile dysfunction.

The participants were randomized into two groups. One group took a regular dose of the VigRX Plus for 84 days while the other group took only a placebo. Subjects took either two capsules of the supplement daily or a placebo.

The subjects had no idea what they were taking. The success of the study was measured using the international index of erectile function (IIEF) standards. The success included erection improvement, sexual desire, orgasmic function, intercourse satisfaction, and sexual satisfaction.

All the men were in monogamous relationships and were heterosexual. Apart from mild-to-moderate erectile dysfunction, the participants were otherwise healthy. The subjects did not have any underlying medical condition that would adversely affect their sexual health.

Here are the results of the study as measured after 12 weeks (84 days):

vigrx plus study

Subjects who took VigRX Plus showed significant improvement across all the domains:

  1. 58.97% improvement in erectile dysfunction
  2. 71.43% increase in intercourse satisfaction
  3. 22.49% increase in orgasmic function which includes orgasm frequency and quality
  4. 47% improvement in sexual desire
  5. 61% increase in overall sexual satisfaction.

At the end of the study, participants were asked if they’d like to continue taking VigRX Plus or the placebo (the tablets they took for 84 days). The result was no less than surprising, 35 participants (out of 39) who used VigRX Plus responded with a yes while 35 participants (out of 36) who used placebo said no:

vigrx plus clinical study result

It shows the satisfaction level of the participants who used VigRX Plus as they are willing to continue using it.

About the Manufacturer

Leading Edge Health is the company behind VigRX Plus. It is a reputable, registered, and BBB accredited business in the US with more than 2 decades of experience in manufacturing and selling natural health supplements. 

Leading Edge Health is responsible for manufacturing, testing, marketing, and sales. Based in Elizabethton, Tennessee, United States, it was founded in 2001 as a natural health supplement company responsible for sourcing, testing, and formulation of quality health products for both men and women.

The company has manufactured several over-the-counter pills and supplements to cure premature ejaculation and other forms of sexual dysfunction such as ProSolution Plus, VigFX, VigRX Oil, delay wipes, delay spray, and more. Their transparency and high level of dedication have given them an edge over their competitors.

📖 Suggested Reading: Read VigRX Plus vs. ProSolution Plus for detailed comparison between these two OTC pills for premature ejaculation.

The advisory board of Leading Edge Health Inc. includes notable physicians and experts who are responsible for guidance and approval. The board includes:

  1. Dr. Steven Lamm (MD) is a faculty member of the New York University School of Medicine and the Director of Men’s Health for NYU Medical Center
  2. Dr. Dave David is MD and a leading cosmetic surgeon
  3. Anna Lepeley is a Ph.D. in Exercise Biochemistry and a nutritionist.

All the products (including VigRX Plus) by the Leading Edge Health Ltd. are manufactured in the USA in a cGMP-Compliant Facility which means it follows manufacturing practice regulations enforced by FDA. All the products are tested for quality and ingredient freshness and purity before they are marketed. VigRX Plus is available with a certificate of analysis of quality ensuring ingredient and process quality approval.

How Does it Work?

VigRX Plus improves various aspects of your sexual health by combining multiple potent herbal ingredients. Here is how it works:

  • Improved blood flow
  • Hormonal balance
  • A healthy nervous system.

It begins working by supplying your body with all it needs to boost testosterone production naturally. With an increased testosterone level, you get a better erection and more control over ejaculation.

It also regulates the amount of blood that is supplied to your penis. Ingredients like icariin boost nitric oxide transport through the blood to your penis. Nitric oxide relaxes your penis muscle tissues to accommodate more blood. And more blood means an improved and harder erection.

Some of the ingredients used in VigRX Plus have proven aphrodisiac properties (increasing arousal and sex drive) while others are supposed to protect your nerves and improve cognition. The antioxidants reduce fatigue and help you enjoy long-lasting sex without getting fatigued.

The multifaceted approach used by VigRX Plus is a key reason why most men generally report a higher libido during the first two weeks of use.

VigRX Plus Ingredients and Formula

We critically analyzed all the ingredients as mentioned by the manufacturer as part of our review process. How each ingredient is relevant to what VigRX Plus claims was our focus at this stage.

Here is the list of all the active ingredients used in the production of VigRX Plus:

1. Damiana


The botanical name for this herb is turnera diffusa. It grows low and has yellow flowers and leaves that have a nice fragrance. Damiana grows in Southern Texas, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and South America. It thrives well in subtropical climates. Its therapeutic properties have been used by mankind since the days of the Mayans.

A study found that it has well-known aphrodisiac properties and also increases blood flow, supply of oxygen to body tissues, and transmission of nerve signals to your penis.

2. Epimedium Leaf Extract

Epimedium Leaf Extract

It is a popular horny goat weed. It belongs to the Berberidaceae family and contains flavonoids that are compounds with very potent antioxidant properties. There are plenty of phytoestrogens in horny goat weed. The effects of phytoestrogens are like those of estrogen. The phytoestrogen is known as epimedium icariin, and it acts as an inhibitor. Phytoestrogen also promotes the transport of nitric oxide which in turn promotes testosterone production.

3. Muira Pauma Bark Extract

Muira Puama

Muira Pauma is known as the “erection root”. Brazilians have enjoyed the aphrodisiac properties of the Muira Pauma bark extract for thousands of years. A study tested the effect of Muira Pauma bark extract on 262 men suffering from sexual problems. Within 2 weeks of administering the root extract, 62% of the participants reported experiencing a dynamic effect. Also, 51% of the subjects testified that they experienced a boost in their libido after using the root.

Another 2019 study found that Muira Pauma bark extract acts as a phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitor and can increase sexual desire and libido.

4. Hawthorn Berry

Hawthorn Berry

Hawthorn berries are loaded with lots of nutrients that improve sexual health. These nutrients are also highly beneficial to cardiovascular health, according to scientific sources. They strengthen blood vessels, improve cardiovascular health by lowering cholesterol levels, and strengthen your heart muscle. They are loaded with bioflavonoids and antioxidants. Both compounds stimulate the blood flow to your penis and help prolong and maintain an erection.

5. Asian Red Ginseng

Asian Red Ginseng

We must admit that our ancestors got a lot of things right. Ginseng has been used by mankind for thousands of years to maintain sexual health and enhance performance. Its first aphrodisiac use is dated back to 3500 BC when it was used by Shen-Nung, a Chinese emperor at the time. Shen-Nung is the father of Chinese medicine.

6. Catuaba Bark Extract

Catuaba Bark

Catuaba bark extract is native to Brazil and Peru. A lot of research has been done on the Catuaba plant and it was found that it plays a significant role in enhancing sexual performance. Catuaba bark extract is loaded with a lot of compounds that enhance the nervous system resulting in reduced fatigue and agitation.

7. Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo biloba is a well-known Chinese herb. It has potent antioxidant properties that boost nerve cell function by increasing blood flow to the nervous system and the brain. It can give you a more quality erection. According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Ginkgo biloba has potent aphrodisiac properties.

8. Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto is cultivated mainly near the Eastern Gulf coast of North America. It influences your testosterone production. A randomized controlled trial reports that saw palmetto affects testosterone pathways and downregulates the concentration of prostate-specific antigen in men with prostate cancer.

9. BioPerine


BioPerine is black pepper extract. It helps your body to absorb nutrients wholly. This makes it a very important ingredient in the BioPerine formulation. With BioPerine as an ingredient in VigRX Plus, your body can absorb 40% more of the ingredients. This is one of the reasons why VigRX Plus delivers very strong results.

Key Features

Here is the list of the main VigRX Plus features that make it worth trying:

1. Unique Formula

It has a clinically tested formula that’s obtained from a decade of in-depth research in male sexual health. The tablet has undergone several refinements to yield a unique formula that improves the reproductive and sexual health of men.

2. Optimized Dose for Best Results

VigRX Plus gives you a full dose of every ingredient necessary to produce the best and most consistent results. Every ingredient is used in a quantity that will give you optimal results.

3. High Quality Fresh Ingredients

This is something that Leading Edge Health considers very critical. The company uses the freshest ingredients of the highest quality. And so, you’re sure of the most optimum results.

Making supplements with only fresh ingredients may be a bit expensive but Leading-Edge Health considers your health to be more important than anything else.

4. Bioperine Maximizes the Ingredient Absorption

VigRX Plus contains Bioperine, an ingredient that has been proven in several clinical studies to enhance the absorption of whatever ingredients it is combined with. So, when you consume VigRX Plus, Bioperine ensures that all the ingredients are absorbed completely in your blood. This makes it super-effective.

5. Clinically Tested

It is one of the few OTC sexual health supplements that is rigorously tested via clinical studies. Tests conducted by Vedic Lifesciences have shown that regular use of VigRX Plus significantly improves sexual desire and prolongs erection.

6. Improves Sexual Satisfaction

It is known to increase sexual performance, satisfaction, and stamina. It is created as a unique general sex booster from high-quality ingredients with a reputation for boosting sexual health.

7. Increases Testosterone Production

VigRX Plus improves testosterone levels by ramping up its synthesis in your body. 


Here is what we liked about VigRX Plus:

  • Scientifically proven and clinically tested formula
  • Made from all-natural ingredients with minimal or no side effects
  • Works for both premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction
  • It comes with a 67-day money back guarantee
  • High-quality but less expensive than other supplements
  • Free global shipping. 


The is what we didn’t like about VigRX Plus:

  • It needs time to show results. You need to use it for up to 3 months to see any significant improvement
  • Not suitable for men who are already on medication. In such a case, consult your doctor.
  • Some ingredients have known side effects like insomnia, headache, and digestive issues.

Side effects

VigRX Plus is made from natural ingredients but it doesn’t mean these ingredients are free from side effects. Whatever we consume, it impacts our bodies differently.

Milk, for instance, is a key source of calcium but it may lead to digestive issues (e.g., bloating, constipation, and diarrhea) in some people. Some people are even allergic to milk. The same is the case with any other natural ingredient.

The ingredients used in the VigRX Plus have a few known side effects such as insomnia is a known negative effect of ginseng. If you are allergic to any of the 9 VigRX Plus ingredients, you need to avoid using it.

The common scientifically known side effects of ingredients used in VigRX Plus include:

  • Digestive issues such as bloating
  • Headache
  • Insomnia
  • Dizziness.

If you are using any other medicine, you must consult your doctor for approval before using VigRX Plus as it might interact with your current medication.

If you have had any allergic reactions in the past, we recommend you check the list of ingredients (shared above) and make sure you aren’t allergic to any of them.

Our research indicated that less than 1% of VigRX Plus users suffered from at least one side effect where the most commonly reported side effect was bloating. Since the side effects are minor and the percentage is under 1%, it can be safely ruled out.

VigRX Plus Before and After

We didn’t request pictures, but we asked men who were currently using VigRX Plus the following question: Did you feel any kind of sexual improvement before and after using VigRX Plus?

We asked a total of 23 VigRX Plus customers this question and 21 responded with a yes which means they experienced a clear difference after using VigRX Plus in their sexual performance:

VigRX Plus Survey by

This was consistent with the VigRX Plus study where they asked the same question from study participants after 12 weeks of experiment:

vigrx plus study survey

We verified these results from scientific studies where participants used any of the ingredients of VigRX Plus to figure out what changes those unbiased study participants experienced before and after using the ingredient.

  1. We reviewed two double-blind, placebo-controlled studies to measure the before and after impact of Korean Red Ginseng on men suffering erectile dysfunction. The first study concluded that the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF) scores were higher in men who were treated with Korean red ginseng for 18 weeks than in men who received the placebo. The second study concluded the IIEF-5 scores were significantly higher in the Korean red ginseng group after the treatment as compared to scores before the treatment.
  2. We reviewed a randomized double-blind study on VigRX’s impact on premature ejaculation. The study concluded that the VigRX group showed higher scores for IELT and CIPE than the placebo, but these results weren’t significant.

According to the experts, the difference before and after using VigRX Plus is significant and those who use these tablets see a clear difference in sexual performance after taking the tablets.

VigRX Plus Pricing and Discount

vigrx plus pricing

The starting price of VigRX Plus is $69.95 for a single pack that contains 60 tablets that last a month because you have to take 2 tablets per day. However, you can grab an instant discount with bulk purchases. The more packs you buy, the more you save.

The packages offered are:

  1. 1 Month Supply comes with a single VigRX Plus pack and is priced at $69.95 (you save $20)
  2. 2 Month Supply offers 2 VigRX Plus packs with a price tag of $129.95 (you save $49.95)
  3. 3 Month Supply has 3 VigRX Plus packs, and it is priced at $179.95 (you save $89.90)
  4. 6 Month Supply gives you 6 VigRX Plus packs at a discounted price of $329.95 (you save $209.75). It offers free shipping throughout the USA
  5. 12 Month Supply has 12 VigRX Plus Packs at a price tag of $589.95 (you save $489.45). It comes with free shipping in the USA.

All these packages come with a 67-day money back guarantee. You can return unused boxes if you are not satisfied with the results after using VigRX Plus for 67 days as recommended, you can get your money back.

What’s the right package for you?

Our experts recommend that if you are new to VigRX Plus, go with a small package preferably 1 Month Supply to see how it works for you. Don’t look for the discount as you are new to the product so be sure to first test it out.

If you are a repeat buyer and you are satisfied with the results, go with the bulk purchase preferably 12 Month Supply as it offers the biggest discount and free USA shipping.

Where to Buy VigRX Plus in Your Country

VigRX Plus is only sold online from the official website of Leading Edge Health Ltd. It isn’t sold locally via pharmacists or third parties. You can place your order online here and it will be shipped in discreet packing at your address irrespective of where you live.

It doesn’t matter whether you live in the USA, Canada, Brazil, UK, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy, France, Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, India, China, Russia, Australia, Singapore, Philippines, or any other part of the world, you can buy original VigRX Plus with a few clicks from the manufacturer. No need to visit any pharmacy.

It is delivered in discreet packaging with no mention of the company, seller, or product. This makes it safe and secure.

How to Differentiate Between Original and Fake VigRX Plus?

The reason why you should order your VigRX Plus online from the official website is to receive the original product directly from the manufacturer. If you buy it anywhere else, there is a good enough chance you might end up receiving counterfeit VigRX Plus.

There are fake VigRX Plus products being sold in the market globally. There are a few ways to verify VigRX Plus authenticity before buying it:

  • If you are buying online, look at the price. If are being offered a huge discount and ridiculously low (or high) price, it is a red flag
  • If you are buying from a local store or pharmacy (which our experts don’t recommend), look for the verification code on the pack. The original VigRX Plus box has a verification code that can be verified here
  • VigRX Plus being sold at a low price is a clear sign that it is fake.

Ideally, you should always verify your VigRX Plus from the official website as the unique verification code is available on all the packs manufactured. Only use the tablets once it passes the security check. Click here to verify your pack’s code.

How to Use VigRX Plus

The recommended VigRX Plus dosage is one tablet twice a day. Take pills with water or milk (whatever you prefer).

This is the official dosage as recommended by Leading Edge Health Inc. A single VigRX Plus pack contains 60 tablets so it is enough for a complete month.

It is up to you when you take these two pills. You can choose to take one pill in the morning and the second after dinner. Your choice.

You don’t have to take both the pills at once.

Should you increase VigRX Plus dosage?

No, you shouldn’t.

Even if it doesn’t work, we recommend not changing its dose. This is because the formula and ingredient composition is designed in a way to provide your body with nutrients it can handle in 24 hours. Exceeding the dosage isn’t a good idea.

Similarly, you shouldn’t reduce the dosage to one pill a day.

Stick with the recommended dose.

When Will You See Results?

Leading Edge Health claims that you will start seeing results in 30-60 days. Some men see results fairly quickly, within the first month, while others see noticeable sex improvement in 3+ months.

Our research and experts believe that you’d be able to see results within the first week of use. This is because the ingredients are fast-acting, and they will give you an indication that something is changing in your body.

You should feel the difference within the first week.

You need to test and try it yourself and see how it works. The important question is how long should you keep using it in case you don’t see any positive change?

We recommend using VigRX Plus for up to 3 months – and wait. If you don’t see any improvement in sexual performance, erection, or timing in 3 months, you need to stop using it. This is because 3 months is a good enough time duration to test any herbal supplement.

Is VigRX Plus FDA Approved?

No, it isn’t approved by FDA as it is an OTC supplement and doesn’t require FDA approval. Only prescription drugs need FDA review and approval.

VigRX Plus is a nonprescription or OTC supplement and according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), all the non-prescription medications are safe and effective to consume as long as you follow the directions on the label. 

VigRX Plus Alternatives

What if you have used VigRX Plus for over 3 months and it didn’t show any result? In such a case, you need to stop it and switch to a VigRX Plus alternative. 

Our review team has identified the following OTC supplements that are perfect VigRX Plus alternatives:

  1. VigFX is an upgraded version of VigRX Plus with a better formula. It improves erection and increases sex drive. This is the best VigRX Plus alternative and should be your first choice if VigRX Plus didn’t work. (Read the VigFX review from our expert team)
  2. ProSolution Plus is best for lasting longer in bed and getting rid of premature ejaculation (Read ProSolution Plus review from our experts)
  3. Semenax is effective for increasing climax intensity.

Here is a list of prescription drugs that are VigRX Plus alternatives. You can’t buy these over the counter or online like herbal supplements discussed above, rather you will need a prescription for these:

  1. Sildenafil (brand name: Viagra)
  2. Tadalafil (brand name: Cialis)
  3. Avanafil (brand name: Stendra).

Our Review and Evaluation Process

We follow a rigorous systematic process to review sexual health products for men. The review process consists of multiple steps (discussed below) and involves multiple individuals. We talk with more than one expert for each review we do.

The VigRX Plus review involved intensive analysis of the scientific studies and customer reviews. We didn’t rely on the manufacturer’s website and online sources for our research, rather we referred to (and cited) scientific studies that are more reliable.

We evaluated VigRX Plus reviews on third-party sites like Trustpilot and we talked to more than 25 current VigRX Plus users to get their feedback. The entire process involved 4 members of our team. Two relevant experts shared their views on the authenticity of the content our team generated.

Here are the variables we use in our review process to evaluate the product:

  1. Quality: It includes product and manufacturer quality that covers everything ranging from the product manufacturing process to its marketing and certifications. We evaluated ingredients, manufacturing facility, clinical studies, company history and experience, ease of use, ease of purchase, packaging and labeling, red flags, and other aspects. (Passed)
  2. Price: The pricing structure and the value customers receive when they buy the product. Is it competitively priced? (Passed)
  3. Transparency: How transparent the company is in terms of sharing and disclosing key information? We evaluate both the company and the product for transparency. It covered Leading Edge Health’s legitimacy and business status, negative marketing, hiding negative customer reviews, and others. (Passed)
  4. Validity: It evaluates the product and its ingredients. Does the product do what it claims? Do the ingredients and formula support the claims made by the manufacturer? We measure validity by scientific studies and critically reviewing the product’s formula and its ingredients. In the case of VigRX Plus, our team looked at scientific studies to ensure these ingredients do what the manufacturer was claiming. (Passed)
  5. Customer Reviews: What do existing customers say about the product? We analyze customer reviews for their authenticity and if the manufacturer hides or removes negative comments. Besides evaluating reviews published officially on the manufacturer’s website, we look for reviews from third parties such as review sites, forums, and social media. We also talk to customers either via email, message, or phone and get their feedback. (Passed)

Final Thoughts and Disclosure

We hope this VigRX Plus review will help you make a well-informed decision. The purpose of the review isn’t to sell the product but to help you take the right step in the right direction.

If you think VigRX Plus is right for you, give it a try. If you think this isn’t the type of supplement you should use, don’t buy it.

We didn’t receive any compensation from the manufacturer for writing and publishing this review and we didn’t receive any funding from any individual or organization. Our team remained unbiased throughout the review process.

However, if you decide to buy VigRX Plus via our website, we will receive compensation from the seller at no additional cost to you. This is how we pay our bills and keep the ball rolling. If you think our team did a great job, feel free to buy VigRX Plus from this link as a token of appreciation.


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Updated: March 09, 2023