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Hims Delay Spray Vs Promescent Spray

Hims Delay Spray is cheaper than Promescent Spray. Hims Spray costs $2/ml less, but it doesn’t offer money back guarantee while you get a 60-day money back guarantee and free shipping with Promescent Delay Spray.

Both delay sprays have lidocaine as their main ingredient with 10 mg per pump, are made in the US, have discreet packaging, work with condoms, and are safe for oral sex.

Keep reading to find out when you should use Hims Spray and when to go with Promescent Climax Control Delay Spray.

Quick recommendation: Hims Delay Spray.

What is Hims Delay Spray?

Hims Climax Delay Spray

Hims Climax Control Delay Spray for Men is a lidocaine spray that contains 10 mg of lidocaine per pump. It is manufactured, marketed, and sold by Hims – a US-based telehealth company for men that offers a wide range of products and telehealth services.

Hims Delay Spray is a numbing spray that contains lidocaine (which is approved by the FDA for premature ejaculation treatment via metered spray).

How Hims Spray Works?

The Climax Control Delay Spray by Hims works by numbing your penis. The spray reduces sensitivity when applied to the male genitals which leads to a reduction in orgasm.

The spray contains topical anesthetic (lidocaine) which numbs your penis and reduces its sensation. This delays the ejaculatory reflex leading to a significant delay in orgasm.

How Long Does Hims Delay Spray Last?

Hims Spray lasts 30 to 60 minutes after application.

You need to apply 1-3 pumps to your penis head and shaft 10-15 minutes before sexual intercourse. The numbing effect and its lasting duration depend on the number of pumps applied. More pumps mean better effectiveness that will last much longer.

The maximum number of pumps allowed per 24 hours is 10 so make sure you don’t exceed the limit.

Hims Delay Spray Price

A bottle of Hims Delay Spray is priced at $29.95 which contains 5.2 ml of spray. A single bottle contains approximately 40 pumps.

  • The price per ml is $5.75
  • The price per pump is $0.75.

Key Features

  • Hims Spray is manufactured by a well-known telehealth company
  • It contains lidocaine which is an FDA approved topical anesthetic for male delay sprays
  • Works quickly and lasts longer
  • It works with condoms
  • Suitable for oral sex.
  • Discreet packaging.

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What is Promescent Delay Spray?

Promescent delay spray

Promescent Climax Control Spray is manufactured by Absorption Pharmaceuticals LLC which is a US-based sexual health and wellness company. Promescent Spray is a lidocaine spray for men that helps them last longer in bed.

It treats premature ejaculation by delaying orgasm significantly. Lidocaine 7.7% is the active ingredient used in the numbing spray.

How Promescent Spray Works?

Promescent Delay Spray works by numbing your penis and reducing its sensation. This is achieved by lidocaine which is a topical anesthetic.

When you apply Promescent Numbing Spray to your penis head and shaft, it penetrates your skin and numbs your penis. Once it gets numbed, the sensitivity reduces significantly leading to a delay in ejaculatory reflex.

How Long Does Promescent Delay Spray Last?

Promescent Spray lasts up to an hour.

You have to apply it to your penis head and shaft 10 minutes before intercourse. Let it dry and absorb completely. Once it is absorbed completely, you are ready for action. The maximum lasting duration is up to 60 minutes.

The recommended dosage is 1-3 pumps to the penis head and shaft with no more than 10 pumps per 24 hours. The lasting duration depends on the number of pumps applied. Increase the number of pumps to improve lasting duration and numbing effectiveness.

Promescent Climax Control Spray Price

Promescent Delay Spray is available in two different bottles:

  1. 2.6 ml bottle is priced at $22.96 with a price per ml of $8.83. It contains 20 pumps and the price per pump is $1.15.
  2. 7.4 ml bottle costs $57.40 with a price per ml of $7.75. A single 7.4 ml bottle has 60 pumps with a price per pump of $0.96.

It is more expensive than Hims Desensitizing Spray and most of the other lidocaine delay sprays in the market

Key Features

  • Manufactured in the USA
  • It contains 10 mg of lidocaine per pump which is in accordance with FDA guidelines
  • It has a fast-acting formula with minimal transmission to your partner
  • It works with latex condoms
  • Free shipping throughout the US with discreet packaging
  • You get a 60 days money back guarantee on your purchase.

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Hims Delay Spray Vs Promescent

The major differences between Hims and Promescent delays sprays are:

  1. Price
  2. Money back guarantee.

1. Price

Hims Delay Spray is cheaper than Promescent Spray.

The cost per ml for Hims Delay Spray is $5.75 and the cost per pump is $0.75. Promescent Spray, on the other hand, is quite expensive with $7.75 per ml and $0.96 per pump as the minimum cost for its larger (7.4 ml) bottle.

The price difference is huge considering the fact that you have to use the delay spray of your choice regularly every month. This means you will be spending at least $2 per ml more for Promescent Spray month after month.

Since both sprays have lidocaine 10 mg per pump and are equally effective in delaying ejaculation and lasting duration, the price difference seems too much. There isn’t much difference between the two desensitizing sprays but yet, they have a lot of price difference.

2. Money Back Guarantee

Promescent Delay Spray offers 60 days money back guarantee while Hims Spray doesn’t offer any guarantees.

Promescent Desensitizing Spray has a generous 60-day money back guarantee to its customers. You can return your delay spray bottle if you are unsatisfied for any reason. The refund policy is for US customers only. International customers aren’t eligible for refunds.

This makes Promescent Spray risk-free for new customers. You can try it risk-free and see how it works for you. And if it doesn’t help you last longer in bed, return the bottle and get your money back.

Hims Delay Spray has no refund policy. All sales are considered final. If it doesn’t work for you or you don’t like the spray, you won’t get your money back.

Hims Delay Spray Vs Promescent Spray: What’s Better?

Hims Delay Spray is slightly better than Promescent Spray.

Generally, both are equally good in terms of lasting duration and effectiveness as both contain 10 mg of lidocaine per pump. You won’t find any difference between Promescent Spray and Hims Delay Spray.

Price and money back guarantee are the major differences.

Promescent Delay Spray is expensive but it offers you a 60-day money back guarantee. Hims Climax Control Delay Spray is cheaper but it does not offer a money back guarantee.

In terms of customer reviews, both delay sprays have 3.9-star ratings on Amazon, but Promescent has over 15K reviews while Hims only has 145 reviews. 

Trustpilot has a different story. Promescent has a single 3.2-star review while Hims has a 3.8 rating with more than 1,700 reviews from customers.

Overall, Hims Delay Spray is suitable for men who are interested in a cheap lidocaine delay spray while Promescent Spray is ideal for men who are interested in money back guarantee with free US shipping.

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Who Should Use Hims Delay Spray?

  • Men who need an affordable lidocaine delay spray to cure premature ejaculation
  • Those who are not interested in money back guarantee and free shipping
  • Men who might need other telehealth services at some point in time should go with Hims.

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Who Should Use Promescent Spray?

  • Men who need the money back guarantee and would like to test a lidocaine delay spray for the first time
  • Those who don’t mind paying $2 per ml higher price per spray bottle and don’t mind trying an expensive numbing spray
  • Those who are living in the US as they get free shipping and money back guarantee. If you are living outside the United States, you don’t get these perks.

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Which company delay spray is best?

Hims has the best delay spray, overall. It is a cost-effective, lidocaine-based climax control spray for premature ejaculation.

How much longer does Promescent make you last?

Promescent Spray lasts up to 60 minutes. The lasting duration depends on the number of pumps that helps you control the numbing effectiveness and duration.

Does Promescent actually work?

Yes, Promescent Delay Spray works as it contains lidocaine which is an FDA approved anesthetic for male genital sprays. When applied to your penis, it reduces sensitivity and makes you last longer in bed.

How do you use delay spray with Hims?

Apply 1-3 jets to your penis head and shaft 10-15 minutes before intercourse. Increase the number of jets for better efficacy but don’t exceed 10 jets per 24 hours.

Is delay spray good for oral?

Yes, it is safe and good if the spray is completely absorbed and you have washed your penis with water before oral. 

Is delay spray available in medical stores?

Yes, you can purchase most of the delay sprays from local medical stores without a prescription.

Is it safe to use delay spray daily?

Yes, you can use delay spray daily as long as you don’t exceed the allowed number of pumps that are mentioned on the label.