Can Delay Spray Be Used Daily?

If you use or planning to use a delay spray to last longer in bed or treat premature ejaculation (PE), one key concern you might have is: Can delay spray be used daily?

Yes, delay spray can be used daily without any issues. But you have to follow the FDA directions and don’t exceed the number of jets allowed. The maximum number of jets allowed per 24 hours for benzocaine delay sprays is 20 and 10 for lidocaine numbing sprays.

What happens if you overuse your delay spray? Are delay sprays safe when you use them daily?

This article covers more insights on delay spray usage on a daily basis, what measures you have to take to stay safe, what the FDA says about it, and other pinning questions.

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What is a Delay Spray?

A delay spray is a desensitizing spray that’s applied topically to the penis for the treatment of premature ejaculation. It works by reducing the sensitivity of your penis which delays the ejaculatory reflex and helps you last longer in bed. Delay sprays are also known as numbing sprays, desensitizing sprays, premature ejaculation sprays, and male genital desensitizing sprays.

Numbing sprays contain a topical anesthetic like benzocaine or lidocaine which are both approved by the FDA for use in male delay sprays. Alternately, desensitizing sprays for men are made of herbs from natural ingredients that also act as natural anesthetics like clove extract. Herbal delay sprays do not require FDA approval so you can use them without any issues.

The local anesthetic in the premature ejaculation spray numbs your penis either completely or partially (depending on the concentration) which delays your ejaculatory reflex. The signals in the nerve endings are blocked by the topical anesthetic and they don’t reach your brain. Consequently, the ejaculatory reflex by your brain is generated with a delay.

Can Delay Spray Be Used Daily?

Yes, you can use delay spray daily as long as you don’t exceed 10 jets for lidocaine sprays and 20 jets for benzocaine spray per 24 hours. According to the FDA, the maximum number of jets you can use for lidocaine-based delay sprays in 24 hours is 10 and for benzocaine-based numbing sprays, you can use 20 pumps per 24 hours.

These are the directions that all the delay sprays have mentioned on their label and you must follow them strictly. 

Overdosage of both benzocaine and lidocaine might lead to severe side effects including seizures, heartbeat issues, dizziness, and choking. It is, therefore, recommended to use delay spray as directed by the manufacturer or doctor and don’t overuse it.

Follow these best practices when you intend to use delay spray daily:

  • Use the minimum number of jets. Start with 1 to 3 pumps and then increase gradually if more pumps are needed
  • Wash your penis with water and soap after sexual intercourse. It is crucial to remove topical anesthetic completely from your penis to wear off its effect
  • Avoid using delay spray multiple times in a single day. Though it depends on your personal circumstances, try not to use it multiple times in a single day
  • If you have to use delay spray more than once on the same day, keep the number of jets to a minimum. Do not, under any circumstances, exceed the recommended number of pumps per 24 hours
  • Only use numbing spray daily when the numbing effect is completely diminished, and you don’t feel any numbness in your penis from the last usage
  • In case of any issue, consult your doctor immediately.

Most numbing spray manufacturers say that daily use is safe, but you need to take the above precautionary measures and follow the directions on the label strictly. If the manufacturer says daily use isn’t allowed, do not use it daily.

How Many Times Can You Use Delay Spray Daily?

You can use delay spray multiple times a day as long as you do not exceed the maximum number of pumps per 24-hour limit. The maximum number of pumps for lidocaine spray per day is set to 10 while you can use a maximum of 20 jets per 24 hours for benzocaine premature ejaculation sprays.

You can use a PE spray multiple times a day as long as you do not cross the 24-hour threshold. For example, if you use 3 jets at a time, you can use lidocaine spray up to 3x a day and benzocaine spray up to 6x a day.

If you are using more pumps, you might have to use your spray once or maybe twice a day.

So, the number of times you can use a delay spray per day depends on two things:

  1. The topical anesthetic used in the spray (lidocaine vs. benzocaine)
  2. The number of pumps you use at a single time.

Keep the number of pumps between 1 and 3 so you can use desensitizing spray multiple times a day without facing any severe side effects.

Are Delay Sprays Safe?

Yes, numbing sprays for men are safe as long as you do not overuse them. The local anesthetic used in most desensitizing sprays is safe when used in low dosage, but it might lead to severe issues when used excessively.

This is a reason the FDA has allowed two topical anesthetics (namely lidocaine and benzocaine) for male genital delay sprays with clear instructions on concentration and usage instructions. If you follow the directions on the label of the spray and stick with it, you won’t have any issues.

Follow these guidelines to stay safe when using a delay spray:

  • Do not use more than 10 jets per 24 hours for lidocaine delay sprays
  • Do not use more than 20 jets per 24 hours for benzocaine numbing sprays
  • Start with 1 to 3 pumps and then increase the number of sprays if needed
  • The concentration increase with every new jet you spray on your penis so use it wisely and as per instructions on the label
  • Avoid excessive spraying. If you don’t feel numbness or when you don’t get desired results, stop using the spray or try another brand.

How to Apply a Desensitizing Spray Correctly

The way you use a delay spray impacts its efficacy and how long it lasts. Using it correctly is important to get better results. Follow these steps to apply numbing spray for best results:

how to use a delay spray step by step infographic
  1. Wash your penis with water before applying delay spray. It removes debris and improves the effectiveness of the spray
  2. Before applying the numbing spray to your penis, shake the bottle to mix all the ingredients
  3. Apply 1 to 3 jets on your penis head and shaft (as these are the most sensitive parts of your penis and require numbness). Keep the desensitizing spray bottle up to 10 cm away from your penis when using it
  4. Spread the spray with your hand on your penis head and shaft evenly. This requires a gentle massage for a few minutes. Ensure that all the spray is absorbed completely
  5. Wait for 5 to 15 minutes after applying the spray to your penis. You need to notice numbness in your penis at this time. If you do not feel numbness or reduction in sensitivity after 15 minutes, add at least one more jet (add more jets based on the level of numbness but do not exceed the daily limit). Spread spray evenly and then wait for another 5 to 15 minutes
  6. Once you feel numbness in the penis, wash it to get ready for sexual intercourse. Washing your penis before intercourse is necessary as it helps you avoid making your partner numb
  7. Have sexual intercourse as normal
  8. Wash your penis with soap after intercourse to remove the anesthetic completely. Don’t let the spray sit on your penis as it might cause irritation or skin burning.


How Long Can You Go with Delay Spray?

On average, the effect of a delay spray lasts up to an hour. This, however, varies from person to person and spray to spray. The number of jets used also plays a role in how long the spray will keep you numb.

Can I Use Viagra with Delay Spray?

Yes, you can use Viagra with a delay spray. There is no negative association between Viagra and numbing sprays for premature ejaculation.

Does Delay Spray Keep You Hard?

No, delay spray doesn’t help you stay hard or maintain an erection. In fact, excessive use of delay spray might make your penis completely numb and you might lose erection. So, a numbing spray is more likely to negatively impact erection and hardness instead of improving it.

Which is the Best Delay Spray?

If you are new to numbing sprays for PE, it is a good idea to use a benzocaine delay spray as benzocaine is a mild anesthetic. Use a benzocaine numbing spray and see how it works for you. It will give you a nice idea of how things work for you down there.

If the numbing isn’t too strong, you should switch to a lidocaine delay spray. Lidocaine is a stronger local anesthetic and should be used with care.

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