Does Tamsulosin Make You Last Longer in Bed?

There are several ways to delay ejaculation and last longer in bed. Sometimes, delay in ejaculation comes as a by-product in the form of side effects when you use a medicine. Tamsulosin or Flomax is one such prescription medicine that’s said to make men last longer in bed.

Does tamsulosin make you last longer in bed? Should you use it for premature ejaculation?

Let’s find out…

What is Tamsulosin?

Tamsulosin or tamsulosin HCI (also known as Flomax Relief and Flomaxtra XL) is a prescription medicine for enlarged prostate. It belongs to the class of drugs known as alpha-blockers. All alpha-blockers keep veins and arteries relaxed and open to ensure proper blood flow with lower blood pressure.

Tamsulosin relaxes muscles in the prostate gland and bladder to ensure smooth blood flow and proper urination. The prostate increases in size with age and as it grows in size, it pushes the urethra which decreases urine flow. The prostate gland is located right below the bladder so an increase in size creates issues in urination and the condition is known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate).

Tamsulosin relaxes prostate and bladder muscles to ensure you can pee easily.

Side Effects

Here are the side effects that you may experience after using tamsulosin:

  • Dizziness
  • Lightheartedness
  • Ejaculation problems.

Does Tamsulosin Make You Last Longer in Bed?

Yes, it does.

A common side effect of tamsulosin is that it delays ejaculation and makes you last longer in bed. This side effect appears in 1% of men who take tamsulosin.

A 12-week clinical study reported that tamsulosin delays ejaculation and ejaculatory volume. It doesn’t just treat enlarged prostate, but it also helps cure premature ejaculation. Another study reported that taking tamsulosin 0.4 mg per day for 12 weeks improves sexual function significantly.

A review study reported that the absence of ejaculation is the most common side effect of alpha-blockers. Other sexual side effects found were erectile dysfunction and reduced libido.

Higher doses of tamsulosin are linked to abnormal ejaculation (0.8 mg) while lower doses are often considered safe, according to clinical studies as reported by FDA. Abnormal ejaculation includes a decrease in volume, ejaculation failure, and delay in ejaculation.

This is further verified by a study that reported no significant changes in sexual function and ejaculation when participants consumed 0.2 mg of tamsulosin per day.

Tamsulosin will make you last longer in bed if you are taking a high dose (0.4 or 0.8+ mg). Lower doses don’t lead to a delay in ejaculation.

Does Tamsulosin Affect Sperm?

Yes, tamsulosin may impact sperm quality. This is supported by multiple clinical studies.

A double-blind placebo-controlled randomized crossover study analyzed the impact of tamsulosin on sperm parameters. Participants took 0.8 mg of tamsulosin for 5 days. The sperm count in semen decreased, semen viscosity declined, sperm movement also declined, and the percentage of abnormal sperms increased marginally. The study reported that tamsulosin negatively impacts sperm in healthy men.

A study evaluated the impact of tamsulosin on semen quality and ejaculation in bucks. No ejaculation issues were found, however, authors reported changes in semen parameters. The negative impact on semen quality was dose dependent.

With imbalanced ejaculation and poor sperm quality, fertility issues in men who take tamsulosin are not uncommon. A decline in semen quality leads to fertility problems.

Tamsulosin impacts semen and sperm quality negatively. This impact is dose dependent with higher doses causing more damage. However, semen quality recovers in 6 to 12 months after discontinuing tamsulosin.

How to Last Longer in Bed?

If you want to last longer in bed and delay ejaculation, tamsulosin isn’t a good idea. There are several ways to last longer in bed and treat premature ejaculation safely.

1. Medication

You can use two types of medicines to last longer in bed:

  1. Prescription medicine
  2. Over-the-counter tablets.

There is no FDA approved medicine for premature ejaculation. Doctors mostly prescribe antidepressants like sertraline, Lexapro, and paroxetine. These antidepressants belong to a class of drugs known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI) and they have a side effect that these medicines delay ejaculation.

You can read more about how SSRIs work and how effective they are in lasting longer in bed in this article: Does sertraline work for premature ejaculation and dapoxetine vs paroxetine for PE.

On the other hand, you have over the counter (OTC) tablets that are supplements made from herbs and plant extracts. These OTC pills are generally safe and have no side effects. A lot of men prefer using OTC pills to last longer in bed as they are herbal, easy to buy online, and have minimal side effects.

Here is a list of the 10 best OTC pills to last longer in bed.

2. Delay Products

Probably the easiest way to delay ejaculation is to use a delay product such as a delay spray or delay wipes. These products work instantly (under 5 minutes), are easy to carry, and work great.

Delay products (also known as numbing or desensitizing products) contain FDA approved topical anesthetic (lidocaine or benzocaine) which reduces the sensitivity of your penis. All the delay products are applied topically on your penis, and they act in 5 to 15 minutes.

Male genital desensitizing products may have rare side effects such as skin irritation, itching, or rash. There are, however, herbal delay products too that are safe and have no reported side effects.

The best herbal delay products include:

  1. VigRX Delay spray
  2. VigRX Delay Wipes
  3. VigRX Oil.

3. Squeeze Technique

Also known as the start-stop method is a behavioral technique to last longer in bed. It is free and doesn’t require any medication.

Step-by-Step Guide to Squeeze Technique to last longer in bed

You need to take a pause by squeezing your penis (with or without your hand) when you are about to ejaculate. Pausing for 30 to 60 seconds helps you get back to normal. You can then start sexual intercourse and repeat the same steps.

Check out this step-by-step guide to master the squeeze technique and last longer in bed.

4. Lifestyle Changes

There are natural ways to last longer in bed. These methods require changes in your lifestyle. For example, there are certain fruits and vegetables you can add to your diet that are scientifically proven to delay ejaculation.

Similarly, you can do pelvic floor exercises to strengthen your muscles which increase your control over ejaculation.

These lifestyle changes don’t deliver instant results, but they are safe and work exceptionally well over time. You have to be consistent and patient.

Here are the best lifestyle changes you should try to last longer in bed naturally:

  1. Use these vegetables more often to last longer in bed
  2. Add these fruits to your diet to last longer in bed
  3. Honey can make you last longer in bed
  4. There are a lot of drinks you can use to delay ejaculation. Check out this list of 15 drinks to last longer in bed
  5. Try the Kegel exercise to get more control over ejaculatory muscles.


If you still have questions about tamsulosin and its impact on ejaculation, check out the following questions and answers:

Does Tamsulosin Stop You from Ejaculating?

Yes, tamsulosin can stop you from ejaculating. Several clinical studies reported that tamsulosin causes ejaculation imbalance that includes delay in ejaculation and no ejaculation. These ejaculation issues are not permanent and depend on the dose. The ejaculation issues diminish in 6 to 12 months after you stop using tamsulosin.

What Does Tamsulosin Do to Sperm?

Multiple studies reported that tamsulosin impacts sperm (and semen) negatively. High doses lead to low sperm quality and reduced semen volume. One study reported a slight but significant increase in abnormal sperms in healthy male patients who were using tamsulosin.

Sperm quality gets better within a few months after stopping tamsulosin.

Can Tamsulosin Make You Infertile?

Tamsulosin may make you infertile temporarily. Multiple studies reported the negative impact of tamsulosin on ejaculation and sperm quality. One study reported a decrease in semen volume. The issues in semen lead to fertility issues in men. Infertility is more likely to happen in men who take high doses of tamsulosin.

But this is temporary. The sperm quality recovers after discontinuing tamsulosin.

Does Tamsulosin Block Testosterone?

Tamsulosin does not block testosterone. There is no scientific evidence except one review study that reported the side effects of alpha-blockers. The study reported that alpha-blockers lead to a decline in libido. You might have a lower sex drive, but tamsulosin does not block testosterone levels.

Does Tamsulosin Work Like Viagra?

No, tamsulosin does not work like Viagra.

Tamsulosin is a prescription medicine for treating enlarged prostate. It works by relaxing arteries in the prostate for better blood flow and urination. Viagra relaxes arteries and muscles inside the penis to ensure proper blood flow to the penis. 

Tamsulosin focuses on peeing while Viagra works on erection.

Final Words

Tamsulosin has multiple side effects and one of them is that it causes ejaculation problems in men. This includes delay in ejaculation, and you will last longer in bed during sexual intercourse. Not all men who take tamsulosin experience this side effect.

If your doctor has prescribed tamsulosin and you are worried due to ejaculation imbalance, don’t panic. These symptoms are temporary and will disappear after you stop taking the medicine.

There are other better methods to last longer in bed if you are interested in enjoying prolonged sex with your partner. You can try safe methods like OTC pills, delay products, and lifestyle changes. These methods are safe yet effective.

Updated: December 26, 2022

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