Does Honey Make You Last Longer in Bed?

Lasting longer in bed is something that every man wants. Nothing works better than natural remedies and foods to treat premature ejaculation. Honey is one of the oldest and healthiest natural supplements. It is a sweet liquid syrup made by honeybees from plant nectar. It has several benefits for males and is loved by men for its sexual benefits. 

But does honey make you last longer in bed? Does honey work for premature ejaculation? If it does, how to use it?

We have covered everything about honey and the benefits of honey sexually in this article.

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Sexual Benefits of Honey for Men

Being a rich source of calories, carbs, and several other nutrients like copper and riboflavin, honey offers multiple benefits sexually to males. These include:

1. Honey is Antioxidant

Honey contains a phenolic compound which has antioxidant properties. The antioxidant properties of honey vary depending on the plant’s nectar, geography, and climate. Not all honey types are equally good in antioxidants.

Studies have shown that dark-colored honey types have more antioxidants than lighter ones. 

Several studies (as cited here) reported that antioxidants may help men last longer in bed. Antioxidants offer several sexual benefits to males including:

  • Increase male fertility
  • Improve testosterone levels
  • Improve testicular structure
  • Treat premature ejaculation
  • Treat erectile dysfunction.

These health benefits make honey ideal for men who want to last longer in bed and boost their sexual performance.

2. Improved Blood Circulation

Honey doesn’t directly improve blood circulation, but it is scientifically known to improve heart health and maintain blood pressure.

A review study reported that honey reduces blood pressure, regulates heartbeat, and improves heart health. Another study found that raw honey contains propolis which is known to maintain cholesterol levels in humans.

A healthy heart with reduced blood pressure means better blood circulation without any blood clots. This improves blood circulation in the penis and improves erection quality. Erection depends on the flow of blood to your penis and if it is uninterrupted, you’ll have a better erection. And honey helps with it.

3. Better Sperm Quality

Honey may improve sperm quality in males when used in the form of a supplement over an extended period.

A study analyzed the semen of 30 infertile men before and after they consumed different amounts and types of honey. The participants were distributed into 3 groups and all the groups were treated differently. Semen samples were taken after 6 months, and it showed that honey supplementation improves sperm quality significantly including sperm morphology (shape) and motility (speed).

Another study on rabbits showed similar results. Rabbits were given bee pollen which improved semen quality and significantly increased fertility. 

Consistent use of honey might improve sperm quality and boost fertility. However, more research is needed in this area.

4. Boosts Testosterone Production

Honey contains vitamin B6 which is associated with testosterone production.

A study reported that honey boosts testosterone production due to vitamin B. A study reported that a lack of vitamin B6 in rates reduces testosterone levels. Another study reported similar results and linked vitamin B6 to testosterone production in rats.

Other studies have linked vitamin B and B6 to the production of testosterone.

A 100 g of honey contains 0.024 mg of vitamin B-6. A healthy male adult needs 1.7 mg of vitamin B6 per day, so the honey does a good job of fulfilling this need to some extent.

However, more research is needed on the effectiveness of honey in boosting testosterone production.

5. Honey is Aphrodisiac

Honey is known to be an aphrodisiac which is a substance that increases sexual desire. It is, however, entirely based on historical and anecdotal data. There is a lack of scientific evidence to support this claim that honey has aphrodisiac properties.

Nevertheless, it is used widely in Indian, Chinese, and other medicine systems for improving sexual desire and boosting sexual performance in males. This is primarily because honey is therapeutic, and it treats wounds, so it is thought to cure premature ejaculation too.

Does Honey Make You Last Longer in Bed?

Yes, honey helps you last longer in bed due to its antioxidant properties.

Antioxidants improve overall sexual health and fertility of males and treat premature ejaculation. Antioxidants are specifically linked to delayed ejaculation, better sperm quality, and testosterone production. The antioxidant properties of honey make it a great supplement to help you last longer in bed naturally.

Honey is also considered an aphrodisiac in ancient medicine systems. So, it improves sexual health and may help you last longer in bed.

The research in this area is, however, scarce. We need more scientific evidence and studies on humans to better understand the association between honey and premature ejaculation.

How to Use Honey to Last Longer in Bed

It is easy to use honey and add it to your diet. Here are the best ways to use honey to last longer in bed:

1. Eat Raw Honey

The best way to consume honey is to eat it directly in its raw form. A teaspoon of honey a day is enough to make you last longer in bed. Click here to grab your raw honey dose

2. Replace Sugar with Honey

You already consume sugar, right?

Think of coffee, tea, and desserts where you add sugar. Replacing sugar with honey is a great way to add honey to your diet. It is healthier and less harmful than sugar.

Additionally, honey gives a better, unique taste to your desserts and coffee. If you like its taste, consider switching to it permanently from sugar.

3. Honey Snacks and Meals

There are a lot of ways to use honey with your daily snacks and meals. Here are a few tasty snack ideas:

  • Add honey to a toast or pancake and have it in the breakfast
  • Add honey to your desserts and snacks like yogurt, oatmeal, cereals, or pretty much any sweet snack you are preparing
  • The honey topping on ice cream, salads, and fruits gives you a nice, flavored taste
  • Add honey to smoothies, drinks, and juices.

4. Honey Milk

Honey and milk make a perfect duo. It is a natural, healthy drink that gives you a lot of energy, strength, and helps you last longer in bed.

Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of honey to a glass of milk and drink it before going to bed. This is the best energy drink you will ever have.

5. Honey Tea

There are different types of honey teas that you can use such as detox honey tea, ginger honey tea, cinnamon and honey tea, honey lemonade, and several others.

If you don’t like making honey tea at home, you can grab herbal honey tea and consume it as directed. The best ready to consume herbal honey teas are:

  1. Celestial Honey Vanilla Chamomile Herbal Tea
  2. Twinings of London Chamomile, Honey & Vanilla Herbal Tea
  3. Osulloc Honey Pear Tea.


Does Honey Help You in Bed?

Yes, honey helps you in bed during intercourse. It helps you last longer in bed as it has antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are scientifically proven in several studies to help men last longer in bed, boost testosterone levels, improve semen quality, and boost overall sexual performance and male fertility.

Does a Teaspoon of Honey Make You Last Longer in Bed?

Yes, it does. A teaspoon of honey provides you with all the nutrients you need to last longer in bed. Honey has antioxidant and aphrodisiac properties, and it is scientifically proven to help men last longer in bed. Several studies reported that honey increases testosterone levels, enhances semen quality, and improves blood circulation.

Does Royal Honey Make You Last Longer in Bed?

Yes, it does. But it is not due to the properties of honey, rather it contains sildenafil that FDA found in the sample. FDA has officially informed consumers not to purchase Royal honey as it contains traces of prescription medicine for erectile dysfunction. Read more here.

Does Raw Honey Make You Last Longer in Bed?

Yes, it does. Raw honey is the best and purest form of honey and is in its natural form as it is found in beehives. Raw honey isn’t pasteurized and is safe to consume for lasting longer in bed. It is much better to consume raw honey than pure honey (which is the pasteurized form of raw honey) to get all the nutrients. 

What Does Honey Do for Men?

Honey has several sexual benefits for men. Several studies reported the following benefits of honey for men:

1. Honey boosts testosterone production
2. Honey helps you last longer in bed
3. It significantly improves male fertility and semen quality
4. Honey enhances blood circulation and improves erection quality
5. Honey is an aphrodisiac which means it improves overall sexual performance in men.

What Does Drinking Honey Do Sexually?

Drinking honey offers you a lot of sexual benefits. Here are the scientifically proven benefits of honey sexually for men:

1. It helps you last longer in bed by delaying ejaculation and treats premature ejaculation
2. It improves male fertility and semen quality
3. It improves the testicular structure
4. It enhances erection
5. Honey improves overall sexual desire and performance.

Does Honey Make You Wet?

No, honey does not make you wet. It increases and improves sexual desire and drive, but it won’t make you wet or horny. There is no scientific evidence to support this claim that honey makes you wet.

What is the Best Time to Take Honey?

The best time to take honey is in the morning. Eating honey early on an empty stomach is the best way to get access to nutrients. Adding honey to your breakfast is a good idea as it lets you consume honey in the morning and get all the benefits. 

Does Honey Have Viagra in It?

No, honey does not have Viagra in it. Viagra traces were found by FDA during lab tests in Royal honey and wonderful honey (honey brands). The FDA issued public notices to warn consumers not to buy Royal honey and wonderful honey. You can see FDA notifications here and here. Honey naturally does not contain Viagra at all.

Start Using Honey Today for Lasting Longer in Bed

Honey is a nutrient-rich natural supplement that offers a wide range of sexual benefits to males. You can last longer in bed with honey, and it also improves male fertility and testosterone production.

Adding honey to your diet is exceptionally easy. You can replace sugar with honey and add it to your meals and snacks. Consistent use of honey lets you drive all the sexual benefits and supercharge your sex life.

Updated: July 31, 2023

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