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How to Use Durex Duration Gel?

Durex Duration Gel is an ideal product for men who want to treat premature ejaculation and last longer in bed. It delays ejaculation by reducing the sensitivity of your penis. If you are planning to use it, you must know how to use Durex Duration Gel the right way.

It is much more than simply following the instructions on the label. If you want to get the most out of your Durex Duration Gel and make it last you longer in bed, you need to understand how it works and how to use it to increase its effectiveness.

What is Durex Duration Gel?

Durex Duration Gel

Durex Duration Gel is a male genital desensitizer that contains 7% benzocaine which is an FDA approved topical anesthetic. It acts as a numbing agent when applied to your penis. Benzocaine is a mild local anesthetic, so it slightly numbs your penis leading to a reduction in the sensitivity of your penis (when used as recommended) and helping you last longer in bed.

Read more about benzocaine and how it works.

Durex Duration Gel comes in a spray bottle and contains 36 pumps. So, it isn’t essentially a gel, rather a spray. You will be using it exactly like a delay spray as we have listed the detailed procedure to use delay spray with pictures.

Durex Duration Gel Benefits

Here are the major benefits of using Durex Duration Gel:

  • It helps you last longer in bed by delaying orgasm
  • It absorbs instantly (5-10 minutes) and makes you ready without much delay
  • Easy to use and easy to carry bottle
  • It follows FDA instructions and guidelines
  • Works with your favorite condom.

How to Use Durex Duration Gel: Step-by-Step Guide

It is essential to apply Durex Gel appropriately to your penis to increase its effectiveness and delay ejaculation safely. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use Durex Duration Gel:

Step #1: Wash Your Penis

The first step is to wash your penis with water or soap, whatever you prefer. It is important to remove debris on your penis as gel on a clean penis acts quickly.

Step #2: Shake Durex Duration Gel Bottle

This is something obvious, but it isn’t listed on the delay gel. You must shake the Durex Gel bottle well before use. It evenly distributes the gel and its ingredients.

If you are using Durex Gel after a few weeks or months, the heavier ingredients in the gel usually sit at the bottom. So, shaking the bottle ensures that all the ingredients are evenly distributed, and you get all of them with each jet.

Step #3: Apply Durex Duration Gel

Here is how to apply Durex Gel on your penis:

  1. Keep the gel bottle 10 cm away from your penis at a 45 degrees angle
  2. Apply 1-2 pumps on your penis head and shaft
  3. Do not exceed 10 pumps in a single go.

Step #4: Spread the Gel Evenly

Use your hand to evenly distribute gel throughout your penis, especially the head and shaft. The most sensitive part of your penis is its head and shaft so make sure you spread the gel over these two areas evenly with a slight massaging.

Step #5: Let it Absorb

Let the Durex Duration Gel absorb completely. It takes 5 to 15 minutes to absorb. So, you must apply Durex Gel to your penis at least 15 minutes before sexual intercourse.

Step #6: Wash Your Penis

After the Durex Duration Gel is absorbed and you feel slight numbness in your penis, it is time to wash it with water. Washing your penis before intercourse is essential as it will remove any unabsorbed gel from your penis which reduces the chances of getting your partner numb.

Durex Duration Gel can transfer to your partner’s vagina and numb it. Make sure you wash your penis before sexual activity to avoid creating a mess.

Step #7: Sexual Activity

You are ready for intercourse.

Durex Duration Gel is not meant for oral sex. It is only useful for vaginal intercourse. It is compatible with condoms so if you want to avoid passing the numbness to your partner, use a condom.

Using a condom will give you two benefits:

  1. You won’t numb your partner by passing the gel to the vagina
  2. It will help you last much longer in bed as condoms naturally reduce sensitivity.

Step #8: Wash After Intercourse

Once you are done with sex activity, wash your penis with soap (recommended) to remove Durex Duration Gel. If unwashed, you might feel numbness for a few good hours, and it might cause irritation or itching.


We have answered the top questions about Durex Duration Gel and how to apply it safely below:

Does Durex Duration Gel Work?

Yes, it does work.

The Durex Duration Gel contains benzocaine (7%) which is a local anesthetic and approved by the FDA for use in male genital desensitizers. Benzocaine does a good job of reducing sensitivity and delaying ejaculation which help you last longer in bed.

Where Do You Apply Durex Gel?

You need to apply Durex Gel on the head and shaft of your penis. Apply 1-2 jets and massage your penis head and shaft to evenly distribute the gel. Let the gel absorb and dry. It takes 5 to 15 minutes to absorb. Wash your penis once the gel is completely absorbed and you are ready for intercourse.

Which Gel is Best for Lasting Longer in Bed?

Durex Duration Gel is the best gel for lasting longer in bed. It has a high concentration of benzocaine (7%) making it the most effective delay gel on the market. A high concentration of benzocaine means a better numbing effect that will keep you going for a decent duration in bed.

Can Durex Gel be Used Without Condoms?

Yes, you can use Durex Gel both with and without condoms. It isn’t necessary to use a condom, but using one ensures that the gel doesn’t pass to your partner. If you want to avoid making your partner numb, use a condom. Else, you are good to go without a condom.

What Are the Durex Duration Gel Side Effects?

Benzocaine is the active ingredient in Durex Duration Gel, so it has all the side effects of benzocaine that include skin irritation, redness, dryness, blistering, cracking or flaking skin, and other skin related issues. In case of an issue, stop using Durex Gel and contact a medical expert immediately.

Get the Best of You with Durex Duration Gel

Durex Duration Gel is an amazing desensitizing product for men. It has the potential to help you last longer in bed and achieve sexual satisfaction. However, you need to use and apply it correctly to your penis and follow all the instructions.

You can increase the effectiveness of Durex Gel by using it properly. When applied correctly, it can increase ejaculation time by a significant margin. Click here to buy Durex Duration Gel.

Updated: April 28, 2023