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How to Use KY Duration Spray

Delay sprays are best at lasting longer in bed. They act quickly and significantly delay ejaculation. This is a reason why delay sprays like KY Duration spray are used by men to treat premature ejaculation. If you are planning to use it, you must know how to use KY Duration Spray.

Use it the wrong way and you won’t get decent results and it might ruin your sexual experience. It won’t last long enough, or it might numb your sex partner. You don’t want to do this, right?

We have covered everything you need to know on how to apply KY Duration Spray appropriately for the best results.

What is KY Duration Spray?

ky duration spray

KY Duration Spray for men is a desensitizing delay spray manufactured by the K-Y brand. It is a lidocaine (9.6%) spray which is a topical anesthetic approved by FDA for use in male genital sprays and desensitizing products.

Lidocaine, which happens to be the active ingredient in KY Duration Spray, is a numbing agent that numbs your penis and reduces sensitivity. With reduced sensitivity and a slight numbing effect, you last significantly longer in bed during sexual intercourse.

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Here are the top benefits of using KY Duration Spray:

  • It delays ejaculation and treats premature ejaculation
  • Uses lidocaine which is an FDA approved topical anesthesia for delay sprays
  • No major side effects
  • It works in as low as 10 minutes
  • Pocket-friendly bottle that’s easy to carry
  • It is a doctor’s recommended brand in the US.

KY Duration Spray Ingredients

Here is a list of the active and inactive ingredients used in K-Y delay spray:

Active Ingredient

Lidocaine (9.6%) is the active ingredient in K-Y Duration Delay Spray. It is a local anesthetic approved by the FDA for use in male genital sprays with a restriction of 10 mg per spray (maximum). KY Duration spray follows FDA instructions, and a single spray (or jet) contains approximately 10 mg, so you can use it with peace of mind.

So, what does lidocaine do?

Lidocaine numbs your penis since it is a topical anesthetic. The intensity of numbness depends on several factors including the number of sprays, skin type, etc. Some men feel completely numb with a few sprays while others only feel a reduction in sensitivity.

The numbing effect usually starts within a few minutes. It is recommended to wait 5-15 minutes and let the spray absorb completely for better efficacy. You can proceed with sexual intercourse when you start feeling numbness.

Waiting too long will make your penis completely numb and you will lose sensation. This makes it hard to maintain an erection. So, it’s important that you do not lose sensation and feeling completely in your penis after the spray.

Inactive Ingredients

Here is a list of the inactive ingredients used in KY Duration Spray:

  1. Ethoxydiglycol: It is an organic, colorless compound used as a solvent in skin care products. It helps improve the functioning, texture, and penetration of the KY Duration Delay Spray
  2. Isopropyl Myristate: It is a moisturizer that is used in a wide range of topical medications to improve absorption of the products in the skin 
  3. Stearic Acid: It is a fatty acid that helps products maintain their shape and structure. It also stabilizes the products it is mixed into
  4. Fragrance: The KY Duration Spray uses fragrance to cover the smell of lidocaine. The fragrance isn’t noticeable, however, and you will still feel a subtle smell of lidocaine that isn’t too pleasing.

KY Duration Spray Side Effects

Here is a list of the rare side effects of the K-Y Duration Delay Spray:

  • Skin irritation, itching, blistering, redness, or dryness
  • Skin rash
  • Cough and fever
  • Swelling on genitals
  • Heartbeat issues
  • Tiredness and fatigue
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Vision and voice issues.

There are other rare side effects that are associated with inactive ingredients. These include:

  • Drowsiness
  • Headache
  • Nervousness
  • Skin issues.

If you or your partner are allergic to any of the ingredients, don’t use the spray.

All the side effects are rare which means the percentage of people who are likely to suffer from any of these side effects is negligible (between 0.1% and 0.01%). In case of any negative symptoms, stop using the spray and consult a doctor immediately.

Safety Instructions

There are certain conditions when you should not use the K-Y Spray:

  • If your partner is pregnant
  • Avoid using the spray with a condom
  • If you or your partner are allergic to any ingredient used in the spray
  • If you or your partner already have a skin disease or are on medication for any skin issue
  • If you are already taking premature ejaculation
  • If you are suffering from a liver or kidney disorder (with or without medication).

It is recommended to follow the directions by the manufacturer and use the spray correctly to avoid complications and to stay safe.

How to Use KY Duration Spray

To get the best from KY Duration delay spray, you need to apply it correctly. Follow these steps to use KY Duration spray to last longer in bed:

how to use a delay spray step by step infographic

Step #1: Wash Your Penis

Wash your penis with water to remove debris for the effective application of the KY Duration spray. You don’t have to wash your penis right before sex, but if you have washed it 3-4 hours before sexual intercourse, it’d be fine.

Step #2: Shake KY Duration Spray Bottle

Shake the KY Duration delay spray bottle well before use. It ensures that all the spray is mixed up eventually and its active ingredient doesn’t just keep sitting at the bottom. Shaking the bottle 2-3 times is a good technique to make sure lidocaine and all the other ingredients are mixed properly.

Step #3: Apply KY Duration Spray

Keep the spray bottle 10 cm away from your penis (this is approximately the same distance you use for perfumes or body sprays). Apply 3-10 sprays on your penis head and shaft. Don’t exceed 10 sprays in a single go.

You can use KY Duration spray on your penis before or after it is erect. You don’t have to wait for an erection to apply the spray.

Step #4: Spread the Spray

Once you have sprayed your penis head and shaft, gently massage your penis to spread the spray evenly. Focus on your penis head as it is the sensitive part of your penis.

Step #5: Let the KY Duration Spray Absorb

Wait for 5-15 minutes and let the spray absorb completely. Normally, the KY Duration Spray absorbs in less than 5 minutes if you massage the penis head and shaft gently.

Step #6: Wash Your Penis

Once the spray is absorbed and you’ll feel numbness, you need to wash your penis.

This is important as washing will remove KY Duration Spray residue from your penis and it won’t pass onto your sex partner. Even if the spray is absorbed completely and you don’t see any deposits, you still need to wash your penis with water before sexual intercourse.

Step #7: Sexual Intercourse

Now you are ready for sexual intercourse.

KY Duration Spray should only be used for vaginal intercourse. It isn’t recommended for oral sex, even if you have washed your penis. Because it might numb your partner’s mouth. Washing your penis after applying KY Duration spray doesn’t mean it won’t pass the numbness to your partner, it still might. 

If you are into oral sex, make sure you apply KY Duration Spray on your penis after oral sex.

Step #8: Wash After Sex

After sexual intercourse, wash your penis with soap to remove the residue of the spray.


Here are the answers to the most asked questions about using KY Duration Spray:

How Long Does the KY Duration Spray Last?

KY Duration Spray lasts 30 to 60 minutes. This is, however, relative and depends on the number of pumps you have used, skin sensitivity, and other factors.

The lasting duration of the KY Duration Spray increases if you add more sprays. So, if you want it to keep you numb for more than an hour, apply a few more sprays when you feel a diminishing effect. Do not exceed 20 sprays/pumps in 24 hours.

How Long Does It Take for KY Duration Spray to Work?

It normally takes 5 to 15 minutes for KY Duration Spray to work. This is relative and varies from person to person.

You will start feeling the numbness in your penis within a few minutes of application. The more you wait, the better because it lets the spray absorb completely and become active. 

Can You Have Oral with KY Duration Spray?

No, you must avoid oral sex with KY Duration Spray as it is not recommended. The spray can transmit to your partner’s mouth and numb it. It is suitable for vaginal intercourse only and that too once you have washed your penis after application. 

Final Words

KY Duration Spray for men is an amazing desensitizing delay spray that will spice your sex life by helping you last longer in bed. It is the most recommended delay spray in the USA by doctors due to its effectiveness.

You should use KY Duration Spray appropriately and correctly to keep it effective and avoid transmission to your partner. Apply the spray as instructed and stay safe and have unlimited sex.

Updated: January 30, 2023

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