Peineili Wipes Review: How Effective Is it?

Peineili wipes are manufactured in China from natural ingredients to help you last longer in bed. Unlike other premature ejaculation wipes, it doesn’t contain any numbing agent and doesn’t numb your penis (completely). Being natural and manufactured in China, are Peineili wipes effective, and should you really expect delayed ejaculation?

Short answer: Yes, Peineili wipes are effective, and they work in delaying ejaculation.

Find out more details on how the Peineili wipes work, what ingredients they have, how much time the wipes need to work, how long the effect lasts, and much more in the Peineili wipes review below.

What is Peineili Wipe?

Peineili Wipes

Peineili wipe is a China-based natural and herbal delay wipe that helps men last longer in bed by delaying ejaculation. The wipes are marketed as a treatment for premature ejaculation (a sexual dysfunction in men where they ejaculate too quickly with no control over orgasm.

The wipes are made from pure, natural plant extracts and the formula is based on the ancient Chinese medicine system. Before you go ahead and use Peineili wipes, it is important to know how the wipes work and what ingredients they have.

How Do Peineili Wipes Work?

Peineili delay wipes for premature ejaculation work by reducing the sensitivity of your penis. With reduced sensitivity and slight numbness, you last much longer in bed.

The penis is one of the most sensitive parts of your body and this sensitivity plays a major role during sexual intercourse. High sensitivity coupled with sex excitement leads men to orgasm quickly. Topical products like Peineili wipes minimize penis sensitivity to make you last longer in bed with full control over ejaculation.

Unlike other desensitizing products that use a topical anesthetic like lidocaine or benzocaine, Peineili wipes don’t use any such local anesthetic for numbness, rather it uses natural plant extracts for numbness (e.g., clove extract).

Natural numbness isn’t as strong as numbness of topical anesthetics, and this has one clear benefit: You experience the pleasure of sex with Peineili wipes. It is something that you don’t get with lidocaine or benzocaine wipes where your penis is numbed completely, and you don’t enjoy sexual intercourse.

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How to Use Peineili Wipes

Here is how to use Peineili wipe to last longer in bed:

  1. Take a single Peineili wipe 30 minutes before sexual intercourse
  2. Rub wipe gently on your penis shaft and head. Avoid rubbing the wipe on your urethral opening
  3. Squeeze Peineili wipe on your penis and make sure all the liquid is squeezed
  4. Gently massage your penis to absorb all the ingredients
  5. Wait for 15 to 30 minutes and let the wipe work
  6. Once you start feeling a reduction in sensitivity and slight numbness, wash your hands and penis before sexual intercourse to avoid making your partner numb
  7. Wash your penis after sexual intercourse.

The effect of Peineili wipes lasts between 30 to 60 minutes. You will feel numbness for a maximum of 60 minutes. Individual results may vary so you need to figure out how long does Peineili wipe last for you.

Read this step-by-step guide on how you use delay wipes for the best results and better effectiveness.

Peineili Wipes Ingredients

The best thing about Peineili delay wipe is that it is made of natural ingredients that mostly contain plant extracts and herbs. Here is a list of all the natural ingredients of Peineili wipes:

Clove Extract

clove oil

Clove extract is the active ingredient in Peineili wipes that’s responsible for the reduction in sensitivity and makes your penis numb. Clove bud extract contains eugenol that’s a natural anesthetic. This natural compound makes clove an ideal natural anesthetic that numbs your penis.

Multiple studies endorsed the effectiveness of clove oil and extract for delaying ejaculation. One study reported that clove oil significantly increases ejaculation duration with no side effects. Clove oil also increases sexual desire, according to another study

Bitter Ginseng Extract

bitter Ginseng

Bitter ginseng is a herb that is known to have several sexual benefits for men. The bitter ginseng extract used in Peineili wipes increases sexual pleasure and increases testosterone levels.

A review study reported that ginseng increases the ability and stamina to do intercourse in men. Multiple studies endorsed the positive association between ginseng and testosterone levels and pleasure.

Cassia Bark Extract

chinese cinnamon

Cassia Bark (also known as cinnamon, Cinnamomum cassia, Chinese cassia, or Chinese cinnamon) is the bark of the laurel tree. Cassia bark has antioxidant properties and saves you from bacterial and fungal infections. When its extract is rubbed on your penis, it acts as a powerful stimulant.

Purple Flower Extract

astragalus sinicus

Also known as astragalus sinicus or Chinese milkvetch, the purple flower has numerous benefits and is used extensively in the Chinese medicine system for centuries. The root and its extract are the main sources of compounds, and this extract is used in Peineili sex wipes.

Purple flower extract increases testosterone levels and may help with male fertility by improving sperm count. A study on rats found that astragalus sinicus increases testosterone levels while another study highlighted that the use of purple flowers increases sperm count.


Water is used as a solvent to mix all the ingredients and keep them together as a unified whole.

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Peineili Wipes Side Effects

Peineili wipes do not have any reported side effects. And this is primarily due to the natural ingredients used. However, plant extracts and herbs might cause certain issues if used too excessively.

The known side effects of Peineili wipes include:

  • Allergic reaction
  • Skin irritation or redness
  • Itching
  • Loss of sensation.

Keep wipes away from children and avoid contact with eyes and other sensitive parts of your body. Avoid using Peineili Wipes when having sex with pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Pros and Cons

Peineili premature ejaculation wipes pros:

  • Made from natural ingredients that are safe and have no major side effects
  • Portable premature ejaculation wipes that are pocket-friendly and easy to carry
  • Easy to use. Rub a Peineili wipe on your penis shaft and head 30 minutes before intercourse and that’s it
  • It doesn’t numb your penis completely (like other delay wipes) which means you can still enjoy sex and don’t lose your sensation fully
  • No prescription is needed. You can buy it online easily
  • Easily available online with worldwide shipping
  • Cost-effective and much cheaper than other delay wipes.

Cons of Peineili wipes for men:

  • Manufactured in China with limited information about the manufacturer and the manufacturing facility
  • Instructions and labels are mostly in the Chinese language, and it makes it hard to make sense of the ingredients, warnings, directions, and other information
  • It might not delay ejaculation too much as it doesn’t numb your penis completely so it isn’t generally as effective as other benzocaine or lidocaine premature ejaculation wipes.

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Peineili Wipes Alternatives

There are several other ways to delay ejaculation that you can use if Peineili wipes don’t seem to be a good option:

1. Topical Products

There are several other numbing products that help you last longer in bed. This includes both natural and synthetic products and they come in different types such as sprays, condoms, oils, and more.

For better effectiveness and more numbing effect, you should consider using lidocaine or benzocaine products for premature ejaculation. Topical products that contain a local anesthetic are more likely to last longer with better effectiveness.

2. Home Remedies

Home remedies for premature ejaculation include multiple methods and techniques that you can use at home to delay ejaculation naturally. Major home remedies include exercise, the use of certain foods, lifestyle changes, techniques to hold back ejaculation, natural drinks and smoothies, and more.

3. OTC Supplements

Over the counter dietary supplements for premature ejaculation are among the best ways to delay ejaculation and treat premature ejaculation. These herbal supplements fulfill the nutritional needs of your body which significantly improves orgasmic duration.

4. Behavioral Therapy

A common reason for premature ejaculation is trauma and constant stress. In such a case, behavioral therapy seems to be the best solution. If you don’t last longer in bed due to trauma, get medical help from an expert and undergo a few counseling sessions.


Do Delay Wipes Work?

Yes, delay wipes work. Benzocaine wipes like VigRX wipes and natural wipes like Peineili work by numbing your penis and reducing its sensitivity. Several studies reported the effectiveness of benzocaine and clove oil for delaying ejaculation, and these are the two main ingredients used in delay wipes for premature ejaculation.

What Wipes Make You Last Longer?

Benzocaine wipes and natural wipes that contain clove oil or any natural numbing agent help you last longer in bed. VigRX wipes contain benzocaine which is a topical anesthetic approved by FDA for use in male genital desensitizer products. Peineili wipes are the natural, herbal alternative to benzocaine wipes that use clove oil as a numbing agent that reduces penis sensitivity and delays the ejaculation process. 

How Do You Use Peineili Tissue?

Peineili tissues are extremely easy to apply. Take a Peineili wipe and rub it on your penis head and shaft at least 30 minutes before sexual intercourse. Massage your penis to absorb extracts in your penis. Wash your hands and penis once you feel the numbness in your penis, and proceed with the intercourse. Wash your penis after intercourse.

How Long Do Peineili Wipes Last?

Peineili wipes last up to 30 to 60 minutes. Most men feel the numbing effect for 30 minutes. The numbing effect might take more than 60 minutes to wear off completely.  

Final Words

Peineili wipes are effective in delaying orgasm and treating premature ejaculation. Made from natural ingredients and using clove oil as a numbing agent, these premature ejaculation wipes don’t have any side effects making them a perfect delay product.

We covered all the aspects of the wipes in this Peineili wipes review to help you make an informed decision. If this seems to be a nice fit, grab your pack of Peineili wipes with free international shipping and with free return here.

Updated: August 29, 2023