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Does Running Help You Last Longer in Bed?

Running has tons of health benefits such as better cardiovascular health and muscular strength. But does running help you last longer in bed?

Scientifically running has no link with lasting longer in bed or delaying ejaculation. If you have spent a few minutes running in a nearby park, it won’t help you much in bed. Your ejaculation time before and after running will remain consistent, or it might reduce (more on this later).

If you want to overcome premature ejaculation or just want to enjoy long lasting sex, running isn’t a smart way to do it. There are other better scientifically proven ways to last longer in bed.

Let’s dig deep and explore the relationship between running and ejaculation.

Does Running Help You Last Longer in Bed?

No, running does not make you last longer in bed as it has no association with ejaculation. There are no clinical trials to support this claim (I’d call it a myth) that running helps you last longer in bed.

Running improves blood circulation and increases your stamina, but it has nothing to do with ejaculation timing. Running, jogging, brisk walking, or similar workouts don’t cure premature ejaculation. At least that’s what science tells us.

One study linked sexual performance or sexual behavior with a fat percentage in your body (or BMI) and reported a positive relationship between physical fitness and sexual health.

Sexual health included the following dimensions:

  1. Fantasy and cognition
  2. Arousal
  3. Orgasm
  4. Behavior and experience
  5. Sex drive and desire.

Physical fitness, on the other hand, included the following dimensions:

  1. Cardiovascular endurance
  2. Body composition
  3. Muscular strength
  4. Muscular endurance.

A positive association between physical fitness and sexual health was reported which shows that running might impact orgasm due to cardiovascular endurance. But this evidence (a single self-reported survey study) isn’t enough by no means.

Clinical trials are what we need to understand the relationship between delayed ejaculation and running (if any).

In fact, multiple studies reported that skinny men are more likely to suffer from premature ejaculation while their obese or overweight counterparts are able to last longer in bed. This implies that running burns body fat and reduces your body mass index (BMI) which might lead to premature ejaculation, and you might last much less in bed as compared to your current timing.

Scientifically, running might improve your stamina and cardiovascular endurance but it does not help you last longer in bed. In the worst case, running might lead to a reduction in your ejaculation time.

More studies, however, are needed to better understand this relationship.

Best Ways to Last Longer in Bed

So, what should you do if you want to delay ejaculation during sexual intercourse when running doesn’t seem to be a decent option?

Well, you should try one of the following methods to increase your ejaculation duration:

1. Topical Products

Any product that you apply externally to your penis for delay in orgasm is called a topical product, numbing product, delay product, or desensitizing product. For example, delay spray is a common topical product used to delay ejaculation.

These products can be used by anyone (including men who suffer from premature ejaculation and men who don’t have any sexual disorders). Numbing products are generally safe to use with no major side effects. They contain a topical anesthetic which is mostly lidocaine, and some products use benzocaine that’s a mild local anesthetic.

When you apply a topical product to your penis, it numbs your penis which significantly reduces sensitivity. It acts quickly, usually within 5 to 15 minutes of application, so you need to apply product to your penis a few minutes before sexual activity.

Check out this list of the best desensitizing products to last longer in bed.

Our best pick is VigRX delay spray which is a benzocaine-based spray. It is mild and won’t numb your penis completely (like lidocaine sprays) which means you can enjoy sexual activity with delayed ejaculation. 

2. Dietary Supplements

Over-the-counter supplements, tablets, and capsules are quite useful in lasting longer in bed safely. These supplements are herbal and contain FDA approved ingredients so you can buy and use them risk-free.

For example, zinc supplements are exceptionally useful in delaying ejaculation and if you happen to use a zinc supplement consistently for a few good months, you will see a significant increase in your ejaculation duration. 

Unlike topical products, herbal supplements to delay ejaculation don’t work instantly. You need to use them regularly and daily to see a major change in your timing. So, if you are interested in increasing orgasm duration the next time you have sexual intercourse, tablets won’t be a good idea.

What I recommend is that you should use supplements with topical products. Using them individually won’t help much.

Here is why:

If you will stick with topical products for lasting longer in bed, you will have to use them forever. And over time, your penis will get less sensitive to local anesthetic. So, you should couple this with dietary supplements so you can stop using delay products and switch to a supplement completely once you start seeing results.

Makes sense?

Read this article on the best OTC supplements to last longer in bed.

Our best pick is ProSolution Plus which is a natural, herbal, safe, and clinically tested supplement that is proven to increase your orgasm timing by a whopping 64%.

Buy ProSolution Plus.

3. Home Remedies

If topical products and supplements aren’t your kind of thing, you can use home remedies or natural ways to last longer in bed. These methods are 100% safe and quite affordable (mostly free). But they are too time-consuming – a reason why a lot of men don’t like using them.

If you want to enjoy sex with your partner now, you won’t wait for months to work on your ejaculation timing by eating particular vegetables and fruits.

Home remedies for premature ejaculation include any technique or method that you can follow in your home without any external help or assistance. It includes exercises, eating certain foods, and behavioral techniques.

Here is a list of the best home remedies to last longer in bed:


Why Do Runners Last Longer in Bed?

It is a misconception that runners last longer in bed. There is no scientific evidence to support this claim. Running, walking, jogging, etc., do not increase your ejaculation time in bed. Running only increases your strength and stamina which helps you during sexual intercourse, but it does not mean you will last longer in bed. Running has no association with ejaculation timing.

Does Running Make You Better in Bed?

Yes, running might help you in bed. A study found a positive link between sexual health and physical fitness. Although the impact of running wasn’t measured directly on sexual performance, physical fitness leads to better sexual performance. Running is a form of physical activity that impacts your physical fitness, so it can make you better in bed.

Do Fit Guys Last Longer?

Fit guys might have better stamina and strength, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they will last longer in bed. Being fit has no association with lasting longer in bed. In fact, studies have shown that slim guys are more likely to suffer from premature ejaculation than overweight guys. 

Does Running Prevent Erectile Dysfunction?

Yes, running might prevent erectile dysfunction in men. A study reported that normal walking at home on a treadmill has a significant positive impact on the erectile functioning of males. Running might improve erectile dysfunction, but we need more scientific evidence.

Final Words

Scientifically, running does not make you last longer in bed and does not help with ejaculation. Theoretically, it can.

Running improves stamina, strength, blood circulation, and has several other benefits such as it is also found to improve your mood. These benefits collectively might help you in bed if you run regularly or even if you brisk walk.

Scientific evidence and clinical trials will help us better understand how running impacts ejaculation.

If your sole purpose is to delay ejaculation and increase orgasmic timing, avoid wasting time and energy on running as it won’t be of much help. Use other authentic ways to last longer in bed that include topical products, dietary supplements, and natural home remedies.