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Does Ibuprofen Make You Last Longer in Bed?

There are a lot of ways to last longer in bed and enjoy sex. Ibuprofen is often assumed to help men last longer in bed and treat premature ejaculation. Being a pain reliever, it has little to do with sex performance, but what does the science say?

Does ibuprofen make you last longer in bed? Should you use it if you want to last longer in bed and delay orgasm?

Let’s find out everything about ibuprofen and premature ejaculation.

What is Ibuprofen?

Ibuprofen is a painkiller that belongs to the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) category. NSAID is a class of drugs used to reduce pain, decrease fever and inflammation, and different types of aches.

It works by blocking the production of substances in your body that cause inflammation. This property helps reduce pain, inflammation, and aches throughout your body.

Ibuprofen Side Effects

Ibuprofen doesn’t have any severe side effects, but it might have the following minor side effects:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Headache
  • Stomach issues
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Constipation.

Does Ibuprofen Make You Last Longer in Bed?

No, ibuprofen does not make you last longer in bed. It is used to relieve pain and it has no side effects that may lead to delay ejaculation. There is no scientific evidence to support this claim.

Not just ibuprofen but any nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs do not make you last longer in bed. They are mere painkillers and have nothing to do with sexual activity and premature ejaculation.

A study stated that a man reported an increase in sexual drive and erection after taking ibuprofen. The patient reported having 3 intercourses with her wife in a single day after taking ibuprofen. This unusual and rare individual case was reported back in 2014 with no clear explanation.

A 2013 randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study assessed the impact of aspirin (an NSAID) on lithium-related sexual dysfunction in men. The results revealed that taking 240 mg aspirin per day for 6 weeks improved erectile function by 85.4%.

These two studies might be a reason why people assume ibuprofen or NSAIDs make them last longer in bed and are related to sexual performance. However, more scientific evidence is needed.

Here is what the researchers said in the study:

“With no doubt, we cannot speculate that ibuprofen can improve sexual dysfunction, but NSAIDs could have a role in treating such patients. Further studies are warranted.”

It is safe to say that ibuprofen or any other NSAID does not make you last longer in bed.

Ways to Last Longer in Bed

So, how can you last longer in bed?

There are several ways to last longer in bed and delay ejaculation that include OTC pills, desensitizing products, natural remedies, and prescription medicines.

Let’s look at all of them:

1. Over the Counter Pills to Last Longer in Bed

OTC tablets and herbal supplements have the potential to help you delay ejaculation and last longer in bed. These tablets are natural extracts of plants and therefore, have minimal side effects.

If you want to delay orgasm with the help of a tablet, herbal pills are your best bet.

Quick recommendation: ProSolution Plus is a natural supplement that is scientifically proven to decrease premature ejaculation by 64%. It is 100% herbal and has no reported side effects. In clinical trials, men suffering from PE used ProSolution Plus for 60 days increased ejaculation duration by 64% with no adverse effects.

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2. Desensitizing Products to Last Longer in Bed

Research shows that 36% of men suffering from premature ejaculation prefer using desensitizing products and rated them to be most effective in lasting longer in bed.

Desensitizing products use a numbing agent like benzocaine or lidocaine to reduce the sensitivity of your penis. This slightly numbs your penis and helps you last longer in bed. Numbing products come in different forms such as condoms, sprays, wipes, oils, creams, and gels. You can choose whatever product you like based on your preference.

Here is a detailed article on the best desensitizing products to last longer in bed that you should check out for more details.

Quick recommendation: Try VigRX Delay Spray. It is a herbal spray that does not numb your penis completely so you enjoy sex without losing sensation. It contains benzocaine as a numbing agent which is a mild anesthetic approved by the FDA for male genital desensitizers.

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3. Natural Remedies for Lasting Longer in Bed

Natural remedies include a wide range of techniques and foods to delay orgasm and last longer in bed without any side effects.

These natural remedies include:

  1. Behavioral techniques like the squeeze method and holding back from cumming
  2. Foods like vegetables and fruits
  3. Ayurvedic medicines.

4. Prescription Medicines for Lasting Longer in Bed

Several antidepressants like sertraline are prescribed by doctors to treat premature ejaculation. A side effect of anti-depression medicines is that they delay orgasm, and this is a reason why doctors often prescribe antidepressants to patients.

Common prescription medicines for lasting longer in bed are:

  1. Sertraline
  2. Paroxetine
  3. Citalopram.


Still have questions? Check out the following most frequently asked questions and their answers about the impact of ibuprofen on lasting longer in bed:

Does Ibuprofen Make You Erect?

No, it doesn’t. There is only a single study that reported a usual event where a patient reported an increase in erection and sexual desire after taking 600 mg of ibuprofen. The patient had sex with her wife 3 times that same day.

This is an isolated, unusual, and rare case that can’t be generalized. You shouldn’t use ibuprofen for erection as this is not what is meant for.

Can Ibuprofen Help with Erectile Dysfunction?

No, it does not. There is no scientific evidence that supports any relationship between ibuprofen and erectile dysfunction.

Prolonged use of ibuprofen or any NSAID can negatively impact erection. NSAIDs may minimize the release of prostaglandin which is one of the many chemicals in your body that is responsible for maintaining an erection. 

Can Ibuprofen Help with Premature Ejaculation?

No, it does not. Ibuprofen is a pain reliever and has nothing to do with premature ejaculation. There is no scientific evidence or explanation that can support this claim.

Does Ibuprofen Enhance Viagra?

No, it does not. Ibuprofen is a painkiller while Viagra is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. These two belong to two different classes of drugs and have no association. Taking ibuprofen with Viagra won’t impact its effect. There is no scientific evidence to support this claim.

Does Tylenol Make You Last Longer in Bed?

No, Tylenol or Paracetamol does not make you last longer in bed. Tylenol is used to treat fever and pain. It does not have any association with premature ejaculation or lasting longer in bed.

Does Advil Help You Last Longer?

No, it does not. There is no scientific evidence. Advil is the brand name of ibuprofen. It is a painkiller with no link to lasting longer in bed.

Final Thoughts

Ibuprofen does not make you last longer in bed, and it has no association with premature ejaculation. You must avoid taking it to delay ejaculation. Prolonged use of ibuprofen may lead to severe health issues.

If you really want to last longer in bed, use methods and products that work such as behavioral techniques, desensitizing products, OTC supplements, food, exercise, and prescription medicines. These techniques are more likely to make you last longer in bed as opposed to ibuprofen that’s merely a pain reliever.

Updates: August 21, 2023