5 Benefits of Using Delay Oils for Premature Ejaculation

There are several benefits of using delay oils for premature ejaculation that make them an ideal choice for men who want to last longer in bed.

There is no FDA-approved medicine for premature ejaculation and this means you’ll need to do a lot of testing to figure out what works for you. A lot of men prefer using natural and delay oils (including gels and creams) to increase orgasm duration.

Are these delay oils good enough?

Yes, 36% of men who are suffering from premature ejaculation in the US say that desensitizing products work best for them in delaying climax. And this includes delay oils, creams, and gels too.

Benefits of Using Delay Oils for Premature Ejaculation

But you don’t have to use oils just because other men are using them. Here is a list of the major benefits that you’ll enjoy if you use oils to delay climax and last longer in bed:

benefits of using delay oils for premature ejaculation

1. Improve Blood Supply to Penis Nerves

Among several other causes of early ejaculation, one key reason is the improper blood supply to your penis. When your penis doesn’t receive enough blood, it will lead to poor erection and rapid climax.

Penis erection depends on the amount of blood flowing through the vessels of the penis. If the amount of blood flowing into the penis is limited, you lose erection. This inability can happen for a variety of reasons such as alcohol, drugs, anxiety, or fatigue. The brain initiates a state of arousal which causes the parasympathetic system to activate and dilate the vessels. Oils act in a similar way causing the dilation of arteries to widen and allow more blood to flow.

So, if you are suffering from both erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, massaging oil to your penis is the best way to treat both.

When you use a delay oil on your penis, it might not always improve blood circulation rather it reduces its sensitivity. What you need to do is massage oil gently throughout your penis for a few minutes. This will improve blood circulation and make your penis numb meantime so you can enjoy powerful sexual intercourse with your partner.

2. Natural Aphrodisiacs

What’s better than feeling better before, during, and after sex? Any substance that increases sex pleasure and desire is known as aphrodisiac. And there is no aphrodisiac better than oil, right?

Well, using a delay oil on your penis and massaging it gently as part of foreplay will give you an amazing feeling and will act as a lubricator during sexual intercourse.

You need to use delay oil as lubrication and sex booster. Don’t apply it on your penis yourself, rather let your partner do it. You both will enjoy it and have much more fun.

And once it is time for intercourse, the oil will make everything smooth and fun.

This is a benefit that you don’t get with other desensitizing products such as delay sprays and wipes. They’re not as sex-friendly as oils and creams and they can’t be used for lubrication.

3. Harder Erection

One of the best things that any oil (desensitizing or natural) will do is that it will improve erection.

Massaging sanda oil on your penis improves blood circulation leading to better erection. You might not be able to see an immediate improvement in the size of your penis but it will happen over time.

When you have a harder erection, you feel confident in the bed. This confidence helps you last longer as it is negatively associated with the early climax. 

4. Improve Damaged Nerves

Delay oils don’t just delay ejaculation and improve erection but they heal your damaged nerves.

Nerves have the ability to regenerate and massage can help you boost this repairing process. When your damaged nerves don’t regenerate or take longer than usual to repair themselves, it impacts sex drive, erection, and ejaculation negatively.

Using desensitizing oils will help you repair damaged nerves as an added benefit besides numbing your penis and delaying ejaculation.

5. Easy to Use

Early ejaculation oils are easy to use, portable, and readily available. You can order delay oils online without any prescription.

You can carry your delay oil bottle with you wherever you go. And when it comes to usage, apply a few drops of the oil on your penis (as recommended by the manufacturer), massage gently for a few minutes, and you are done.

In fact, the best idea is to let your partner do the massaging for an enhanced sexual experience.

Grab Your Delay Oil Today

If you want to enjoy these benefits of using delay oils for premature ejaculation, you must grab your favorite delay oil today.

Almost all the desensitizing oils and gels available in the market are OTC. You can buy any based on your personal preferences without a prescription. Keep it in your pocket, carry it with you, and have amazing sex every single time.

But not oils make you last longer in bed. So, you shouldn’t use just any oil.

I’d recommend using VigRX oil.


Because it is made from natural ingredients with no known side effects. It is the only desensitizing oil in the market that uses natural numbing agents (as opposed to lidocaine or benzocaine). This makes it ideal for long-term use. It acts as both natural oil and numbing oil and won’t numb your penis for hours. You can read a detailed VigRX oil review here

Besides, you can check out this list of the best oils for delaying ejaculation to get an idea of the types of oils available in the market.

Updated: August 12, 2023

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