Side Effects of Using Benzocaine Condoms

The common side effects of using benzocaine condoms include skin rash, skin itching, dryness and redness, and skin burning.

Less than 1% of men experience one or more side effects after using benzocaine condoms. They are generally safe to use.

Keep reading to find out how benzocaine condom side effects can be minimized, what are the two major factors that cause these side effects, and what benzocaine condoms you should use to be safe and enjoy long-lasting intercourse.

What is a Benzocaine Condom?

A benzocaine condom is a delay condom used to make men last longer in bed. Benzocaine is a topical anesthetic that reduces the sensitivity of the skin. The condom contains benzocaine which numbs your penis and helps you delay orgasm.

Benzocaine condoms are approved by the FDA for the treatment of premature ejaculation up to 7.5% concentration.

Here is how a benzocaine condom works:

how do benzocaine condoms work 6 steps

The benzocaine is placed inside the condom in a semi-solid state and it melts with the heat of your penis. As soon as you put on a benzocaine condom, the benzocaine starts to melt and numbs your penis. With reduced sensitivity and numbness, you are able to delay the ejaculation process.

Benzocaine Condom Benefits

The major benefits of using benzocaine condoms include:

  • Benzocaine is approved by the FDA for use in condoms for the treatment of premature ejaculation
  • Benzocaine condoms work instantly and make you last longer in bed
  • There are no major side effects
  • Benzocaine condoms do not affect women and won’t transfer to your partner like other delay products (e.g., delay sprays and delay wipes)
  • You can buy benzocaine delay condoms without a prescription
  • These are mess-free condoms. You don’t have to wash your hands or penis before intercourse
  • Pocket-friendly and easy to carry.

Side Effects of Using Benzocaine Condoms

Benzocaine condoms are generally safe and have no major side effects.

The rare side effects of benzocaine condoms that are experienced by 1 out of 1K to 10K people include:

  • Skin itching, rash, and burning
  • Skin dryness and flaking
  • Fever
  • Dizziness
  • Inflammation
  • Body aches
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle pain
  • Breathing issues
  • Allergic reaction.

The probability of these side effects is quite low. And these side effects disappear after some time automatically.

For example, skin rash and itching is the most common side effect of benzocaine condoms. If you experience slight to normal itching in your penis after using a benzocaine condom, it will disappear in a couple of hours.

You don’t have to do anything.

In case of persistent side effects, consult your doctor and stop using benzocaine condoms.

The side effects of using benzocaine condoms depend on two major factors:

  1. Skin sensitivity
  2. Benzocaine concentration.

Skin Sensitivity

Men who have sensitive skin types are more likely to experience side effects after using a benzocaine condom. Benzocaine is a mild topical anesthetic as it is 10-20x milder than lidocaine, but it can cause a high degree of discomfort in men with sensitive skin types.

If you have a sensitive skin type, it is recommended to use a benzocaine condom with low concentration.

Benzocaine Concentration

A high concentration of benzocaine in the condom is more likely to cause side effects than low concentration condoms.

For example, Durex Performax Intense has 5% benzocaine while Trojan Extended Pleasure has 4% benzocaine. Durex Performax Intense, therefore, is more effective than Trojan Extended Pleasure but it is more likely to cause side effects.

The side effects of using benzocaine condoms depend on the concentration of benzocaine. Excessive use of benzocaine can turn out to be lethal as it can significantly reduce the oxygen level in your cells. This is a reason why FDA has barred benzocaine concentration for condoms to 7.5%.

If you are using a benzocaine condom that has a concentration of 7.5% or lower, you are good to go and won’t experience any side effects.

How to Minimize the Side Effects of Benzocaine Condoms

Follow these best practices and tips to minimize the benzocaine condom side effects:

  • Use benzocaine condoms that have 7.5% benzocaine or less as this is the concentration your body can easily tolerate.
  • If you have a sensitive skin type, use low-concentration benzocaine condoms preferably Trojan Extended Pleasure (4%).
  • Avoid using more than one benzocaine condom per 24 hours. If you have used one benzocaine condom, do not use another one on the same day.
  • Wash your penis with soap after intercourse to remove benzocaine residue from your penis.
  • Do not use a benzocaine condom if you are suffering from breathing issues, asthma, heart-related disorders, methemoglobinemia, and bronchitis.
  • Do not use a benzocaine condom if you are allergic to topical anesthetics or benzocaine specifically.

Best Safe Benzocaine Condoms

Here is a list of the best and safe benzocaine condoms:

1. Durex Performax Intense

Durex Performax Intense

Performax Intense by Durex has 5% benzocaine and it is one of the leading benzocaine condoms in the market. The condom has a benzocaine coating inside the condom that activates instantly as soon as you put the condom.

The outer side of the condom is ribbed and dotted which increases the sensation and pleasure of your sex partner making her cum quickly.

Performax Intense has no major side effects and is safe to use.

Buy Durex Performax Intense.

2. Durex Prolong

durex prolong

Prolong is another benzocaine condom by Durex. It also has 5% benzocaine with ribbed and dotted outer side. The difference between Performax Intense and Durex Prolong is how benzocaine is used inside the condom.

Durex Prolong has benzocaine in solid form at the tip of the condom. It melts with your penis head and numbs your penis head. On the other hand, Performax Intense has a complete layer of benzocaine inside the condom that’s in semi-solid form. Thus, it melts quickly and numbs the penis head and shaft so Performax Intense is more effective than Durex Prolong.

You should use Durex Prolong if you are not sure how your skin will respond to benzocaine. It numbs a small portion of your penis which gives you a nice idea of how effective benzocaine is. 

You can later switch to Durex Performax Intense for a better numbing effect.

Buy Durex Prolong.

3. Trojan Extended Pleasure Condoms

Trojan Extended Pleasure condoms

Trojan is a popular brand and its benzocaine condoms are quite effective in delaying ejaculation. The Extended Pleasure Condoms have 4% benzocaine inside the condom. The outer side of the condom is lubricated with oil for smooth penetration.

The benzocaine concentration of Trojan Extended Pleasure Condoms is low and they are safe for beginners and men who need a slight numbing effect. It is also a nice choice for men whose partner doesn’t like dotted condoms and prefers lubricated condoms.

Buy Trojan Extended Pleasure Condoms.

Final Words

There are no major side effects of using benzocaine condoms. You can use your favorite benzocaine condom without any fear. The worst case scenario is that you might feel skin itching, redness, or irritation and if this happens, wash your penis with soap after intercourse.

It usually disappears in a few hours.

If you are skeptical, use Trojan Extended Pleasure Condoms to test benzocaine condoms. Trojan has the lowest concentration of benzocaine and you won’t feel a high degree of numbness. If this works, you can switch to Durex Performax Intense to increase the numbing effect.

All the best.


Does benzocaine affect sperm?

No, benzocaine does not affect sperm and is safe for sperm motility. A study reported that benzocaine is safe for sperm health and does not negatively impact male fertility.

Can I use benzocaine daily?

Yes, you can use benzocaine daily, but it should be avoided as excessive topical use of benzocaine might be lethal and could lead to seizures and heart problems.

Does benzocaine reduce pleasure?

Yes, benzocaine reduces pleasure as it reduces the sensation and sensitivity of the penis. It has a numbing effect which leads to a reduction in sexual pleasure.

How long does benzocaine take to work in condoms?

Benzocaine condoms take no more than one minute to work. The benzocaine inside the condom melts instantly with penis heat which activates benzocaine. The onset of topical benzocaine is under a minute. 

What happens if I use too much benzocaine?

Excessive use of topical benzocaine is lethal and life-threatening. The level of oxygen in your blood can be reduced significantly leading to seizure or death. Avoid using too much topical benzocaine.

Is benzocaine strong?

No, benzocaine is a mild local anesthetic. It is less strong than lidocaine.

Updated: August 13, 2023

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