How do benzocaine condoms work

How Do Benzocaine Condoms Work?

If you are suffering from premature ejaculation, I’m sure you know what is benzocaine and how it is related to condoms. Even if you aren’t suffering from early ejaculation, you must know a thing or two about benzocaine condoms. These are your usual numbing condoms or delay condoms. And they’re used to delay ejaculation. But how do benzocaine condoms work and are they really effective?

Let’s find out.

What is Benzocaine?

Benzocaine is a local anesthetic (a sodium channel blocker that inhibits the nerve signal outflow) and pain reliever. It works by temporarily numbing and desensitizing the area to which it is applied. Benzocaine cream or solution inside the condom desensitizes the male sexual organ to help delay ejaculation and prolong erection during intimacy.

Condoms have a lubricant on the inner surface that contains benzocaine. This is why they look like normal condoms. You can’t tell the difference between a benzocaine condom and a normal condom by looking at them. You must refer to its label.

How Do Benzocaine Condoms Work?

Benzocaine condoms are unique. And they work differently.

Benzocaine is placed inside the condom. That is why something really great about these condoms is that your partner will never know if you are using a delay condom.

Here is how a benzocaine condom works:

how do benzocaine condoms work in 6-steps

Step #1

All the benzocaine numbing condoms are made of natural rubber latex which is the most common condom material these days. 

Benzocaine is a mild desensitizing agent (a topical anesthetic) that, when lightly absorbed, numbs the tip of the penis and decreases its sensitivity and threshold levels. You can then enjoy its effect for several minutes.

Step #2

Condoms have a lubricant on the inner surface that contains benzocaine in a solid or semi-solid state.

Step #3

The benzocaine melts with heat and gets active. The heat is provided by your penis. So, the numbing agent becomes active only when you wear the condom and your penis is erect.

Step #4

Once your penis is erect, benzocaine melts and numbs the penis head (as this is where benzocaine is usually placed inside the condom).

In the absence of an erection or enough heat, it won’t numb your penis. And won’t work.

Step #5

Once the numbing agent melts, it needs 10-15 minutes to do its job of numbing your penis. It won’t work instantly. So, you will have to wait for at least 10 minutes before starting your real sex.

Step #6

Once you feel the numbness, you can get started with the sex. How long it lasts depends on several factors. Generally, a delay condom is good enough to give more than 5 minutes of pure hard sex time. This can go as high as an hour if you apply the start and stop technique or squeeze technique.

Is It Safe to Use Benzocaine Condoms?

Benzocaine condoms are among the safest products currently available in the market for the treatment of premature ejaculation. Benzocaine condoms are approved by the FDA.

These condoms are also widely used to help protect from sexually transmitted diseases STDs (including HIV) and unwanted pregnancies. Condom manufacturing companies put their products through a series of tests (such as airburst) before they are distributed so that condoms meet the highest quality levels.

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3 Best Benzocaine Condoms for Premature Ejaculation

Trojan and Durex are the two most popular and trusted condom manufacturing companies that offer the best delay condoms. These two companies developed climax control condoms after learning that roughly 30% of people in clinical trials complained of early ejaculation.

Here is the list of the best benzocaine condoms to delay ejaculation:

1. Durex Performax Intense

Durex Performax Intense

Durex Performax Intense is a well-known benzocaine-based condom. It helps men last longer and have the utmost pleasure from sexual intercourse. For this reason, Durex Intense is widely used by men of all shapes and sizes. No man wants to finish too early and if you tend to lose your ejaculation before it’s actually time for your glorious climax, give it a go.

Durex quality is unmatched with 100% electronically tested with 5 more quality tests carried out on every batch – scientifically and dermatologically tested too. So, they are safe to use with exceptional results.

2. Trojan Condoms Extended Pleasure Climax Control

Trojan Extended Pleasure condoms

Trojan Extended Pleasure is a counterpart of Durex Performax and is probably the most recognized numbing condom currently available. This penile-numbing agent has now got tremendous importance and value throughout its existence. Try this benzocaine numbing treatment on your penis and enjoy the effect.

3. Durex Prolong

durex prolong

Durex Prolong is the latest product launched by the world’s most-known condom brand. Durex Prolong is very similar in action to the Durex Performax, so don’t get too confused that there are two similar products in the Durex selection. We suspect that there is just a bit of overlap before Prolong replaces Performax Intense.

Benzocaine Condoms Are the Future of Condoms

Yes, these condoms are the future.


Because they give you everything you need. It doesn’t matter how they work. The important thing is that these benzocaine condoms work in delaying ejaculation.

And this means a lot to both men and women. What’s more important than physical moments filled with heat and pleasure where you enjoy to your fullest?

How much of an effect these numbing condoms have on you is kind of up to you, as this involves a number of factors and varies from person to person. Now that you have options to prolong your pleasure, what are you waiting for?

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Updated: August 13, 2023