durex prolong vs performax intense

Durex Prolong Vs Performax Intense

Among several other ways to cure premature ejaculation (PE) and last longer in bed is the use of delay condoms. Research shows that 36% of men suffering from PE rate desensitizing products to be most effective in helping them last longer in bed. A delay condom or condom for premature ejaculation contains a desensitizing agent (benzocaine or lidocaine) that numbs your penis and reduces its sensitivity – and that’s how you delay orgasm and enjoy sex with your partner.

The two best condoms to delay ejaculation as we covered in a previous article the best condoms to delay ejaculation are Durex Prolong and Performax Intense. These two condoms by Durex are perfect for delaying orgasm and giving you more control over sex and ejaculation.

But how do these two condoms compare? What are the key differences between Durex Prolong vs Performax Intense? And how to pick the one that’s right for you?

In a hurry? Read this summary:

  • The main difference is the way how benzocaine is used in both these condoms. Durex Prolong has heat-activated benzocaine inside the condom’s tip while Performax Intense has benzocaine coating inside the condom.
  • Performax Intense desensitizes more area of your penis as compared to Durex Prolong that only numbs the penis head.
  • Durex Prolong only numbs the penis head and surrounding area and is best for men suffering from premature ejaculation.
  • Durex Performax Intense desensitizes the penis head and shaft as it has a benzocaine coating spread inside the condom. It is a general-purpose desensitizing condom for lasting longer in bed.

What is Durex Prolong?

durex prolong

Durex Prolong is a natural latex condom that has a ribbed and dotted texture and contains climax control lubrication. It is designed to help men have full control over orgasm and last longer in bed. It contains benzocaine (5%) which is the active ingredient. Benzocaine in this quantity is considered safe and will only slightly numb your penis so you don’t lose sensation completely.

It is a thick-sized condom with lubrication for smooth penetration. The dotted and ribbed texture means it is ideal for women as it increases pleasure and provides women more sensation and pleasure. At one extreme, Durex Prolong delays climax with benzocaine, and at the other extreme, it boosts the sensation of the woman making her orgasm faster.

This makes it perfect for men suffering from premature ejaculation. But yes, anyone can use these condoms since they are aimed at increasing pleasure.

How Does Durex Prolong Work?

It works for both men and women with its double action. The condom contains numbing agent (benzocaine) for the man that increases climax and gives you full control over orgasm. It has a ribbed and dotted texture with lubrication (oil) on the outside for the woman. This ensures that your sexual partner orgasms quickly and enjoys the sex in the true sense.

The desensitizing agent is present inside the condom tip in solid form. You need to put on the condom to activate this agent. It only starts the numbing process when it melts with the heat of your penis. Once it melts, you will notice numbness in your penis head. Give it a few minutes to melt and do its work.

Durex Prolong Dimensions

Durex Prolong has a regular fit with a length of 200 mm and a width (known as girth) of 56 mm. This size is ideal for all penis sizes.

What is Durex Performax Intense?

durex performax intense

Performax Intense by Durex is a natural rubber latex condom that has desensitizing lube to delay ejaculation. The thick size and desensitizing agent make it a perfect condom for men suffering from premature ejaculation as it has the potential to delay orgasm significantly.

Benzocaine (5%) is the desensitizing agent used in Durex Performax Intense. It is placed inside the condom and melts with the heat of your penis. The outside of the condom is ribbed and dotted along with lubrication. This increases the sensation of the women as lubrication reduces friction and the texture of the condom boosts the pleasure once inside the vagina.

The main purpose of these condoms is to help men last longer in bed by delaying ejaculation and orgasm at will. On the other hand, they intensify a woman’s pleasure with lubrication and dotted and ribbed texture.

A perfect win-win situation for both the sex partners.

How Does Durex Performax Intense Work?

It contains benzocaine as the desensitizing agent inside the condom that reduces the sensitivity of your penis. Consequently, you last longer than your normal lasting duration and can enjoy sex for a longer duration. You can orgasm at will and last as long as you want.

The outer side of the condom has a ribbed and dotted texture that gives extra pleasure to your sex partner. The dotted and ribbed texture is loved by women as it increases sensation and helps them orgasm quickly and enjoy sex.

The condom has a benzocaine coating inside the condom that covers all the area. Benzocaine is in liquid form, and it numbs the penis head and shaft. It doesn’t require any heating from friction, rather the numbing process initiates as soon as you put on the condom. This makes Performax Intense more effective and quicker.

Durex Performax Intense Dimensions

It comes in a regular fit which means it has an average size and will fit most men easily. The length of the condom is 200 mm and the width is 56 mm. If you have a normal-sized penis, Performax Intense will fit without any issues.

Durex Prolong Vs. Performax Intense

There are quite a few similarities and a couple of differences between these two delaying condoms by Durex. Let’s find out how Performax Intense and Prolong compare:

What Are the Similarities Between Durex Performax Intense and Durex Prolong?

There are a lot of similarities between these two condoms. The features and packaging look quite similar. The key similarities include:

  • Desensitizing agent (benzocaine 5%)
  • Ribbed and dotted with lubrication
  • Thick latex condom
  • Size.

These similarities often confuse men, and they fail to understand which Durex condom they should choose for lasting longer in bed? There are, however, a few differences, and understanding how Performax Intense is different from Durex Prolong will help you make a well-informed decision.

What is the Difference Between Durex Prolong and Performax Intense?

The key difference between Durex Prolong vs Performax Intense is the way how benzocaine is used. We sent an email to Durex USA to get their response on the key difference between these two similar-looking condoms and here is what they responded:

durex prolong vs performax intense

Durex Performax Intense has benzocaine spread throughout the inside of the condom. It is in gel form, and it numbs your penis and shaft within a few minutes after you put it on.

Durex Prolong has benzocaine in a semi-solid state at the tip of the condom on the inner side. It is heat activated which means it becomes active and desensitizes your penis glans only after it melts with the heat of your penis (or friction). It, therefore, requires more time to numb your penis head as opposed to Performax Intense.

This solid vs liquid benzocaine impacts the time it takes to numb your penis, numbness effectiveness, numbing area, and overall effectiveness.

Here is a list of the key differences between Durex Prolong vs Performax Intense based on how benzocaine is used inside the condoms:

  1. Performax Intense numbs your penis more quickly than Durex Prolong because it doesn’t require heat to melt the desensitizing agent. This heat comes from penis and friction, so it requires more time to numb your penis
  2. Durex Performax Intense numbs both penis head and shaft while Durex Prolong will only numb your penis head. This is because Performax Intense has benzocaine lubricated inside the complete condom whereas Durex Prolong has benzocaine at the tip of the condom only
  3. Performax Intense condoms are more effective as they numb the entire penis. Durex Prolong only numbs your penis head and the numbing agent might not be able to numb the shaft
  4. Durex Prolong is ideal for men suffering from premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction as it desensitizes the penis head which is the most sensitive part of your penis with nerve endings. Studies show that high sensitivity of the penis head leads to premature ejaculation. So, Durex Prolong is focused entirely on reducing the sensitivity of your penis head (the most sensitive part). Performax Intense is focused on reducing the sensitivity of the entire penis
  5. Durex Prolong is least likely to impact erection while Performax Intense is more likely to create erection problems during sexual intercourse. Reduction in the sensitivity of your penis shaft might lead to reduced erection and/or poor erection quality
  6. Durex Prolong has high numbing effectiveness that’s concentrated (on the penis head) while Performax Intense has relatively low numbing effectiveness as it is distributed throughout your penis.
  7. Durex Prolong is a bit more expensive than Durex Performax Intense and this is because Durex Prolong is a specialized delay condom geared towards men suffering from premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Performax Intense is a general-purpose numbing condom for everyone.

On the surface, these two numbing condoms by Durex look quite similar but they function differently and are made for different types of people.

Which Durex is Best for Long Lasting?

If you aren’t suffering from premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction (or both), the best Durex numbing condom for you is Performax Intense.

Those who are suffering from premature ejaculation and/or erectile dysfunction should buy Durex Prolong because it is least likely to impact erection and numbs the most sensitive part of your penis (head).

Your choice also depends on what you expect your numbing condom to do:

  • If you don’t like foreplay and jump directly to intercourse, then Durex Performax Intense is for you because it will numb your penis quickly and you can get to the action without any foreplay
  • If you want to last longer in bed and can maintain an erection without an issue, Durex Performax Intense is best for you because it reduces the sensitivity of the entire penis from shaft to head and is more likely to help you last way longer in bed than Durex Prolong
  • If you prefer both numbness and sexual pleasure, use Durex Prolong as it gives you the best sexual experience as it only desensitizes the penis head with little or no effect on the shaft
  • If your focus is on satisfying your sexual partner and you want to make sure that she orgasms, you should use Durex Performax Intense as it keeps you going.

Pick the right Durex desensitizing condom between Durex Prolong and Performax Intense based on your needs and requirements.

Updated: April 2, 2023