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Roman Swipes Vs Promescent Delay Wipes

Promescent Delay wipes are a better option than Roman Swipes. Promescent Wipes have a strong numbing effect due to high benzocaine concentration and they come with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Roman Swipes, on the other hand, are cheaper and milder. 

Keep reading to find all the major differences (and similarities) between Roman Swipes vs Promescent Wipes and see what’s the right delay wipes for you to last longer in bed.

What Are Roman Swipes?

roman swipes

Roman Swipes are delay wipes manufactured by Ro, a telehealth company based in the US. Roman Wipes contain 4% benzocaine which is an FDA-approved topical anesthetic for male genital desensitizers. The wipes are applied topically to the penis before intercourse and the numbing agent reduces sensitivity making you last longer in bed.

It is helpful in the management of premature ejaculation (PE), a sexual disorder where men ejaculate too quickly during vaginal intercourse. 

How Do Roman Swipes Work?

Roman Swipes (or wipes) have a local anesthetic, benzocaine. When benzocaine is applied to your penis, it numbs your penis and reduces sensation significantly. A reduction in sensation delays the ejaculatory reflex because the signals from your penis do not reach your brain (and are blocked by the local anesthetic as that’s how it works).

So, your brain fails to understand what’s happening down there. It does not know how much you are stimulated and when to kickstart the ejaculatory reflex (the process that initiates ejaculation).

This helps you last much longer in bed.

The reduction in sensation is temporary and goes away after some time.

How Long Do Roman Wipes Last?

The effect of a Roman Swipe lasts 20-30 minutes after application. You need to apply it 5-10 minutes before sexual intercourse as the average onset time is under 5 minutes.

The lasting duration of Roman Swipes is variable and can be controlled. If you need more numbness and you want the wipe to last much longer, use 2 wipes instead of one. Need more time, use 3.

Every Roman Wipe contains 4% benzocaine and the more wipes you apply, the higher benzocaine you use which leads to more numbness (high effectiveness) and the numbing effect would last much longer.

Roman Swipes Price

Roman wipes are available in two different packings:

  1. A pack with 2 wipes is priced at $5.98 with a price per wipe of $2.99.
  2. A pack with 5 wipes costs $11.98 and a single wipe costs $2.40.

So, the lowest price per Roman Swipe is $2.40 and a single wipe is enough (on average) for a single intercourse (unless you need to increase the numbing effect in which case you have to use more than one wipe).


The key features of Roman Wipes include:

  • A mild and effective delay wipe for men who want to last longer in bed.
  • It follows FDA guidelines for male genital desensitizers by keeping benzocaine concentration well under the recommended 7.5%.
  • It has a fast-acting formula that works within 5-10 minutes of application.
  • You get your Roman Swipes delivered in discreet packaging to safeguard your privacy.

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What Are Promescent Delay Wipes?

Promescent Delay Wipes

Promescent Delay Wipes are manufactured by Absorption which is a pharmaceutical company based in Las Vegas, USA. The wipes contain benzocaine 7% which is well under the maximum allowed concentration by the FDA (7.5%).

You need to apply a wipe to your penis head and shaft a few minutes before sexual intercourse and it will reduce the sensitivity making you delay climax. The Promescent Wipes help you last longer in bed and are marketed as a solution to manage premature ejaculation in men.

How Promescent Delay Wipes Work?

The working mechanism is similar to Roman Swipes or any other delay wipe in the market. Benzocaine is a local anesthetic that numbs your skin when applied topically.

The Promescent Delay Wipe contains benzocaine and when you apply it to your penis, it numbs the skin leading to reduced sensitivity and sensation. This delays the ejaculation process and ejaculatory reflex (as discussed above) and leads to a delay in orgasm.

How Long Do Promescent Wipes Last?

Promescent Delay Wipes last up to 30 minutes after application. You need to apply a wipe to your penis at least 10 minutes before intercourse. The onset time is around 5-10 minutes (which is standard for any benzocaine desensitizer).

Like other delay wipes, you can increase the numbing duration and effect by applying more wipes. Applying wipes to your penis will double the effect and you will be able to last way longer and the numbing effect will take longer to wear off.

Promescent Delay Wipes Price

Promescent wipes for climax control are also available in two different packings:

  1. A single pack of 5 delay wipes costs $19.95 with a price per wipe of $3.99.
  2. A pack of 15 delay wipes costs $39.95 and the price per wipe reduces to $2.66.

The lowest price per wipe is $2.66 where a single wipe is sufficient for a single intercourse. In case you need to apply more than one delay wipe, it will cost you more.


Here are the primary Promescent Delay Wipes features:

  • A stronger delay wipe with high benzocaine concentration.
  • It follows FDA guidelines, the benzocaine concentration is under the allowed limit, and all the labeling directions are followed.
  • Acts quickly in under 10 minutes of application.
  • It does not transfer to your female partner when used as directed (learn more about how to use delay wipes correctly here).
  • Promescent Wipes come with discreet packaging.
  • Your purchase is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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Roman Swipes Vs Promescent Delay Wipes

There are 3 main differences between Roman Swipes and Promescent Wipes:

  1. Strength
  2. Price
  3. Money back guarantee.

1. Strength

Promescent Delay Wipes are stronger than Roman Swipes as Promescent Wipes have a higher benzocaine concentration (7%) than Roman Wipes (7%).

The maximum allowed concentration of benzocaine for male genital desensitizers by the FDA is 7.5%. Both Roman and Promescent Delay Wipes have lower than 7.5% which is good.

Roman Swipes have 4% benzocaine which makes them mild with less strong numbing effect.

Promescent Delay Wipes have 7% benzocaine making them stronger with a high numbing effect that is more likely to last longer.

2. Price

Roman Swipes are cheaper than Promescent Wipes.

The lowest price per Roman Swipe is $2.40 whereas the lowest price per Promescent Wipe is $2.66. The price difference doesn’t look too much, but when you use wipes consistently, it does make a difference.

For example, if you use 10 wipes per month. The cost per month for Roman Swipes will be $24 and $26.6 for Promescent.

So, the difference is there and Roman Swipes takes the lead here as it is cheaper.

3. Money Back Guarantee

Roman Swipes has no money-back guarantee while Promescent Delay Wipes come with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Ro, the company that manufactures Roman Swipes, does not offer any money back guarantee and there is no return or refund option. All sales are final.

Promescent, on the other hand, offers a generous 60-day money back guarantee for its delay wipes. It is a no-question-asked guarantee which means you can return your product and get a refund if you are not satisfied with the delay wipes.

The money back guarantee is available for US sales and for new customers only. The shipping cost has to be paid by the customer.

promescent delay wipes money back guarantee

This makes it easy for you to try Promescent Wipes risk-free. If you like them, keep using them. If you don’t, get your money back.

Verdict: Roman Swipes Vs. Promescent Wipes

Promescent Delay Wipes are better than Roman Swipes as they are stronger and come with a 60-day money back guarantee.

The major difference between the two is benzocaine concentration – that makes all the difference.

Roman Wipes have 4% benzocaine making them mild wipes with low numbing effect. Promescent Wipes have 7% benzocaine which makes them quite effective in terms of numbing effect.

Money back guarantee makes it easy for new customers to try Promescent Delay Wipes (as long as you live in the US). This isn’t something too big of an offer, but it definitely makes a difference.

The good thing about Roman Swipes is that they are cheaper than Promescent Wipes.

All the other features like lasting duration, onset time, discreet packaging, etc., are all common among the two delay wipes.

Overall, Promescent Delay Wipes take the lead and are better than Roman Swipes.

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Who Should Use Roman Wipes?

Roman Swipes are best for:

  • Men who need mild delay wipes that won’t make them numb completely and would let them have the sensation to enjoy intercourse.
  • Those who prefer a cheap delay wipe.
  • Men who don’t like any money-back guarantee and are good to go without it.
  • Those who like to get other telehealth services from the comfort of their home should go with Roman Swipes as Ro offers a lot of telehealth services and prescription drugs.

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Who Should Use Promescent Wipes?

Promescent Delay Wipes are best for:

  • Those who need strong delay wipes that have a powerful numbing effect that lasts much longer.
  • Men who are living in the US and need a money back guarantee.
  • Those who are not price conscious and are OK spending a couple of bucks extra per month on delay wipes.
  • Men who are OK with full numbness of the penis during intercourse.

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