How Long Does a Delay Wipe Last

How Long Does a Delay Wipe Last?

If you are using delay wipes to last longer in bed and get rid of premature ejaculation, there is one thing you must be interested in: How long does a delay wipe last?

This is the most common question that I always hear from men all the time.

Why does it matter?

The longer a delay wipe lasts, the better. It gives you more time in bed and you can enjoy sex in its true sense. If a delay wipe lasts merely 10 minutes, it won’t be as effective as a wipe that lasts an hour.

Huge difference, right?

At the end of the day, timing is a huge game-changer in the bedroom…

What is a Delay Wipe?

If you are new to delay wipes, these are disposable wipes loaded with a local anesthetic (numbing agent) such as benzocaine, sildenafil, or lidocaine. They’re meant to numb your penis nerves and slow down the process of ejaculation by blocking sodium channels.

If you are looking for natural numbing agents, then zanthoxylum oil and peony plant extract are used in VigRX delay wipes that make it a natural delay wipe with ZERO side effects.

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Delay wipes first came into the market in 2017 after a double-blind study suggesting that wiping your penis with benzocaine wipes before sexual intercourse could delay ejaculation. The study only tested benzocaine wipes and found them to be effective in delaying ejaculation and managing premature ejaculation significantly. Wipes increase ejaculation time by 231.5 seconds after 2 months of using benzocaine wipes.

After the publication of this study, there was an influx of different types of delay wipes in the market with a focus on benzocaine wipes. Other numbing agents are used too including natural ingredients and plant extracts.

How Long Does a Delay Wipe Last?

So, how long do delay wipes last?

It depends and there isn’t any predefined duration as there are several factors involved.

Importantly, research on delay wipes is still in its early stages. It isn’t possible at this time to identify an exact duration. Things will change as more research is done in this area.

Other factors that impact the lasting duration of a delay wipe are:

  • Ingredients used
  • Normal ejaculation duration
  • Application process
  • Genes
  • Other medical conditions such as erectile dysfunction, anxiety, etc.

To give you an idea, the average duration of a delay wipe, according to studies, is between 5-6 minutes. This means you can expect climax after vaginal intercourse within 6 minutes of insertion. Foreplay doesn’t count towards this time duration.

How Long Does a Delay Wipe Last

If you currently ejaculate in a minute and delay wipe increases your duration to 2-3 minutes, this is a nice boost. In any case, a normal delay wipe is expected to increase your ejaculation time by a minute at least.

Anything less than a minute means you need to change your delay wipe.

The numbing effect, however, is a different thing. When we talk about the lasting duration of a delay wipe, it means how long it helps you delay ejaculation. And once you ejaculate, the numbing effect remains there.

Your penis is expected to remain numb for 60-90 minutes.

How to Improve Duration of a Delay Wipe?

Here comes the BIG question: Can you increase the duration of a delay wipe? Is there a way to increase the effect of delay wipe and go beyond 5-6 minute duration?

Well, there are certain techniques that can help you increase the duration of your delay wipe:

1. Apply It on Penis Head

Perhaps the most important thing is where you apply the wipe. Rub it at the wrong place and it won’t increase ejaculation time at all.

The right place is the penis head. You need to rub the wipe from head to shaft. This is the right way to use delay wipe and this is sure to give you maximum ejaculation time.

2. Waiting Time

Avoid sexual intercourse right after using a delay wipe. You need to give time to the numbing agent. If you’ll have sex before your penis is numbed, you’ll get normal ejaculation time.

So, waiting for a few minutes is essential for making your delay wipe last longer.

It is a good idea to wait for at least 10 minutes after applying the wipe. The more you wait, the better. Involve in sexual intercourse when you get the feeling of numbness in your penis. 

3. Use it Regularly

Studies show that ejaculation time increases when you use delay wipes continuously for 1-2 months. Don’t expect magical results right away.

You’ll see improvement over time. Keep using delay wipes regularly.

And keep increasing the dose with time. If you started with a single wipe, switch to 2 wipes per session after a month. You’ll know when to increase the dosage based on the sensitivity of your penis. If a single wipe fails to fully numb your penis, it means you need to use another wipe.

4. Use Pills with Delay Wipes

It is best to use premature ejaculation pills such as ProSolution Plus with delay wipes to make the job of wipes easier. Using any other technique to delay ejaculation with delay wipes will help you make wipes last longer.

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Start Using Delay Wipes Today

It is tough to enjoy sex with premature ejaculation. You can’t satisfy your sexual partner and this puts your relationship at stake. Using a delay wipe at least 10 minutes before sexual intercourse can help you deliver the best to your partner in bed.

Delay wipes are inexpensive, easy to carry, work almost instantly, and increase ejaculation time up to 6 minutes (on average). If you haven’t tried delay wipes, it is time to give them a try and see how it goes for you.

Not sure where to begin?

You can try VigRX delay wipes risk-free. It is made of natural ingredients (with no side effects at all) and comes with 67 days money back guarantee. If it doesn’t work or you don’t like it, you can ask for a full refund.

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