Does Delay Spray Affect the Woman?

Delay sprays are the most common and among the best ways to treat premature ejaculation (PE). When you use a climax control spray, the first thing you have in mind is does delay spray affect the woman.

Delay sprays do not affect women negatively. The only way it can affect a woman is by reducing the sensation of her vagina which will make her last longer in bed too.

But not all delay sprays are made equal and some aren’t a good option when you are trying to get pregnant.

This article uncovers how delay spray affects women, is it safe for females, can it be used during pregnancy, can you get pregnant when using a delay spray, and much more.

What is a Delay Spray?

A delay spray is a desensitizing product used for the treatment of premature ejaculation (PE). It is a topical spray that’s applied to the penis before sexual intercourse. It reduces sensation and helps you delay ejaculation. 

Delay sprays either contain herbs or local anesthetic (benzocaine or lidocaine). Herbal delay sprays have a mild numbing effect while sprays that have local anesthetic have a stronger numbing effect making you last much longer in bed.

How Delay Spray Works?

Climax control spray works in two ways:

  1. Premature ejaculation sprays with lidocaine or benzocaine work by numbing your penis which leads to a reduction in sensation. These sprays contain local anesthetics that numb your penis and surrounding area which helps you last longer in bed.
  2. Herbal delay sprays use plant extracts and herbs that do not necessarily numb your penis. sprays that use natural numbing agents like clove oil work by reducing sensation. Non-numbing herbal PE sprays strengthen your ejaculatory reflexes and muscles which help you in controlling and delaying the ejaculation process.

Does Delay Spray Affect the Woman?

Does Delay Spray Affect the Woman

No, delay sprays do not affect women negatively if used properly and manufacturer guidelines are followed.

The only way a delay spray can affect women is by passing the numbing effect to their vaginas or mouths during sexual activity. There is no other way a delay spray can affect a woman.

So, what happens when the delay spray transfers to the woman?

It makes her numb too and it will delay her orgasm too. The topical anesthetic in the delay spray acts in the same way for men and women so if it, somehow, transfers to a woman’s vagina or other body part, it will make her numb too.

This a reason you should always:

  1. Wash your penis after applying a delay spray. Read more about the exact and safe procedure to use delay spray here.
  2. Read the instructions on the label and follow them to keep your female partner safe from numbness.
  3. Wait for 5 to 15 minutes after applying the delay spray and let it dry and absorb completely to minimize transmission to your sex partner.
how to use a delay spray step by step infographic

Non-numbing delay sprays do not affect women in any way as they only contain plant extracts that, if transmitted, don’t have any negative impact.

So, you can have sex with a woman without any fear of hurting her negatively. Even if delay spray transfers and transmits, it will only numb her and the effect will wear off in 30 to 60 minutes.

Is Delay Spray Safe for the Woman?

Yes, delay spray is safe for the woman. There are no scientific studies that reported a negative impact of male delay sprays on women.

The topical anesthetic (lidocaine and benzocaine) used in the PE spray has common side effects that females might feel such as:

  • Skin irritation, itching, and redness
  • Dryness
  • Heartbeat fluctuation
  • Dizziness
  • Blurred vision
  • Muscle ache
  • Headache
  • Fatigue.

A woman might experience these or similar side effects if benzocaine or lidocaine delay spray is transferred to her vagina or any other body part. There are no serious side effects and, in most cases, the side effects will disappear shortly.

When a numbing spray reaches the vagina during sexual intercourse, it will reduce the sensitivity of the vagina and it will make her last longer in bed too. Of course, this isn’t something you want because women, generally, last 3 to 4 times longer in bed than men, and if you are suffering from premature ejaculation, the last thing you need is your female partner getting numbed.

You should wash your penis with water before sexual intercourse.

Can Delay Spray Affect Pregnancy?

No, delay sprays don’t affect pregnancy. There is no scientific evidence to support this claim. Pregnant women can have sex with men who use climax control sprays.

If you are already pregnant, you can use both numbing and non-numbing PE sprays. However, if you are trying to conceive, you should avoid using lidocaine delay sprays.

Studies have shown that lidocaine (a commonly used anesthetic in delay sprays) negatively impacts sperm motility and reduces male fertility. It might make it hard to conceive.

Benzocaine and herbal delay sprays, on the other hand, do not have any negative impact on sperm, semen, or male fertility.

So, if you are already pregnant, delay sprays won’t have any effect on your pregnancy. If you are trying to get pregnant, avoid using lidocaine delay sprays.

Can a Woman Use Delay Spray?

No, women should not use a delay spray. Male delay sprays aren’t made for females.

The FDA has allowed two local anesthetics (namely benzocaine and lidocaine) for use in male genital desensitizer sprays as a treatment for premature ejaculation. Delay sprays are specifically made for men for the treatment of PE. Read more about FDA guidelines here.

Premature ejaculation in women is rare and it isn’t studied due to low prevalence as mentioned in this study. Even if females suffer from PE, it is not consistent but rather occasional. In most cases, it goes away automatically and needs no treatment.

While women might orgasm before they want to, this isn’t consistent. And if it happens consistently for at least 6 months, the woman should consult a medical expert. Even in such a case, delay spray isn’t a solution as they aren’t made for the vagina.

Women should not use delay sprays for lasting longer in bed. It might not have any negative impact on the vagina or the woman, and you will last much longer in bed. Since the impact of local anesthetics on the vagina isn’t studied, you never know how it will impact you or your vagina in the long run.

What’s the Safest Delay Spray for Women?

Herbal non-numbing delay sprays are best for women as they do not numb women even if you have sex without washing your penis. But non-numbing delay sprays aren’t a great option for men as they don’t get the desired results.

VigRX Delay Spray is a combination of both herbal extracts and benzocaine which makes it the safest delay spray for females as it is least likely to transmit to the vagina. And even if you end up getting it transmitted to the vagina, the numbing effect will be negligible as it doesn’t rely completely on benzocaine for sensation reduction (like other delay sprays).

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What Percentage of Women Are Affected by Male Delay Sprays?

Less than 1% of women are affected by male delay sprays. And that too when men do not wash their penis before sexual intercourse or do not wait long enough to dry the spray.

What is Delay Spray for Women?

There is no such thing as delay spray for women. The FDA has allowed delay sprays for males and that too for the treatment of premature ejaculation. Woman delay sprays aren’t available in the market.

Can Delay Spray Cause Infertility?

No, delay spray does not cause infertility. Lidocaine delay sprays aren’t too healthy for sperm as they are scientifically known to negatively impact sperm health. And this effect is temporary. You don’t get infertile after using a climax delay spray.

Final Words

Delay sprays do not affect women and are safe to use. You can use them during pregnancy as well. However, you need to follow manufacturer guidelines and must wipe off your penis before sexual intercourse to remove any remains of the spray from your penis.

The only way a numbing spray will affect a woman is when the numbing agent is transmitted to the vagina via your penis. This is why we recommend washing your penis before sexual intercourse when you have applied a delay spray.

Herbal PE sprays are safer as they have minimal numbing effects that are hard to pass on to your sex partner. If you or your partner is too concerned about numbing effect transmission, prefer using herbal non-numbing sprays.

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