Does Klonopin Make You Last Longer in Bed?

Do you want to last longer in bed as a man? Sure, you do. We all do.

If you are suffering from premature ejaculation, it gets hard to delay ejaculation and have full control over your orgasm. There are quite a few ways to last longer in bed such as using desensitizing products and natural remedies. There are, however, certain medications that make you last longer in bed like Klonopin which has a common side effect that it delays ejaculation.

Is this really true?

Does Klonopin make you last longer in bed? How it impacts your sexual functioning? We have covered everything in this article.

What is Klonopin?

Klonopin (clonazepam) is a prescription medicine to control seizures and panic attacks. It is the brand name of clonazepam and belongs to the benzodiazepine (benzos) class of drugs. Klonopin calms your brain and nerves that reduces symptoms of seizures.

Klonopin Side Effects

Clonazepam has serious side effects that may include:

  • Drowsiness
  • Tiredness
  • Confusion
  • Loss of coordination
  • Hallucinations
  • Breathing issues
  • Sudden change in mood or behavior
  • Involuntary eye movement
  • Thoughts of hurting yourself or suicidal
  • Memory issues
  • Libido reduction
  • Delay in ejaculation
  • Sexual dysfunction including erectile dysfunction.

Does Klonopin Make You Last Longer in Bed?

Yes, it does.

Klonopin, like other benzodiazepines, has a side effect that it delays ejaculation and makes you last longer in bed. Clinical studies (as reported by the FDA Klonopin label) have reported that Klonopin impacts sexual functioning such as delayed ejaculation, decrease in libido, and erectile dysfunction. These side effects are more common in people who take high doses of Klonopin.

Several studies have reported that the use of benzos including Klonopin makes you last longer in bed. If you are using Klonopin, you might find it hard to orgasm, especially if you are on a high dose.

Benzos, in general, make you last longer in bed as we have discussed in this article: Can Xanax make you last longer in bed?

Can Klonopin Affect You Sexually?

Yes, it can.

FDA has reported in its label that using Klonopin leads to a delay in ejaculation along with other sexual issues.

A study reported that the use of benzodiazepines (clonazepam) causes sexual dysfunction in males. A review study reported that Klonopin (and several other benzodiazepines and tranquilizers) cause sexual dysfunction in both males and females. These disorders include erectile dysfunction and reduction in libido (sex desire).

Does Klonopin Increase Libido?

No, it does not.

Based on clinical studies, Klonopin reduces libido. All benzodiazepines reduce libido and Klonopin is no different.

However, there are a couple of studies that reported an increase in libido after using Klonopin. A case study based on the experience of a 62-year-old woman reported that her sex desire (libido) increased significantly after taking lorazepam (a benzodiazepine).

Another study reported that a woman felt sexual disinhibition after using clonazepam which refers to socially inappropriate sexual behavior. The patient reported that she used to express her sexual desire in a direct way. The condition disappeared once she stopped taking Klonopin.

These individual cases can’t be generalized, however. Other clinical studies have linked Klonopin with a decrease in sexual desire.

Should You Use Klonopin to Last Longer in Bed?

No, you shouldn’t.

Klonopin is a prescription medicine that has a side effect that it delays ejaculation and causes sexual dysfunction. It isn’t a drug for premature ejaculation. You can’t use it to last longer in bed. Only patients having a prescription from a medical expert can buy Klonopin, so there is no way you can use this medicine for lasting longer in bed.

Do not use Klonopin without a prescription.

Better Ways to Last Longer in Bed

If you want to last longer in bed, there are several better and safe ways to enjoy sex:

1. Desensitizing Products

The best way to overcome premature ejaculation and delay orgasm is to use a reliable and safe male genital desensitizing product. These products numb your penis, reduce sensitivity, and make you last longer in bed.

The FDA has approved male genital desensitizing products that use lidocaine or benzocaine. So, these are approved by the FDA. You don’t need a prescription to buy a desensitizing product. Order it online and you will get it at your doorstep in discreet packaging.

Read this article on the best desensitizing products that will make you last longer in bed.

2. Over-the-Counter Supplements

If desensitizing products aren’t your type of thing, you can go with OTC pills.

A lot of men don’t like applying sprays or gels on their penis as it is one of the most sensitive parts of your body. Others don’t like sharing their condition with their sex partner. In these situations, consuming tablets to last longer in bed makes more sense.

Herbal and natural supplements to last longer in bed are available without prescriptions. You can order your favorite supplement online and start using it.

Check out this article we published on the best pills to last longer in bed. This list contains herbal supplements that are safe and have no side effects. You can choose your favorite from the list without any fear as our experts have handpicked these from hundreds of supplements and tablets.

Our best pick is ProSolution Plus, an herbal and clinically tested pill that will help you last longer in bed without any side effects. Check out more details about ProSolution Plus on the official website.

3. Behavioral Methods

There are several behavioral techniques to delay ejaculation and last longer in bed. These methods require behavior change, and they are safe and free.

Changes in behavior need time and practice. You might not see results immediately, but once you master a technique, lasting longer in bed will become much easier.

The best behavioral methods include:

  1. Hold back your cum
  2. Squeeze technique
  3. Pelvic floor exercises.


Still have questions? Check out the following answers by our experts for the most asked questions:

Can Klonopin Help with ED?

No, it does not. Klonopin and other benzodiazepines don’t help with erectile dysfunction. Rather studies have shown that using Klonopin causes erectile dysfunction and other sexual disorders.

What Are the Most Common Side Effects of Clonazepam?

The common side effects include drowsiness, dizziness, tiredness, confusion, breathing issues, memory problems, and hallucinations.

Rare side effects of clonazepam include sexual dysfunction that includes delay in ejaculation, decrease in libido, and erectile dysfunction.

How Long Can You Safely Take Klonopin?

Klonopin is prescribed for both short-term and long-term use. And it causes side effects even if you use it for a short duration. So, the chances of taking Klonopin safely are negligible as even the smallest dose is reported to cause side effects.

Long-term use of Klonopin isn’t recommended as the patient develops dependence and becomes addicted.

Can You Take Viagra with Klonopin?

Yes, you can as there is no interaction reported between these two drugs by the FDA. Both Viagra and Klonopin are prescription drugs, so if your doctor has prescribed both medicines, you can use them. 

Final Thoughts

While Klonopin does make you last longer in bed as it is a side effect of the medicine, it isn’t a treatment for premature ejaculation.

If you are using Klonopin, you might have sexual dysfunction including delayed ejaculation. However, not all patients experience this side effect. If you are on a high dosage, you are more likely to have issues with ejaculation.

If you are suffering from premature ejaculation and have problems lasting longer in bed, use desensitizing products, OTC pills, behavioral techniques, or consult a doctor.