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Vitamins to Make You Last Longer in Bed

Not all vitamins make you last longer in bed, but some of them do. Based on scientific evidence and clinical trials, vitamins B9, B12, and D are associated with premature ejaculation (PE) and vitamin B7 to some extent as well.

How are these vitamins linked with PE and how they can help you last longer in bed?

Let’s find out in this detailed, scientifically-backed article.

What is a Vitamin?

A vitamin is an organic substance/molecule that is needed by cells for growth, development, and proper functioning. Our body needs these vitamins to function. More precisely, these vitamins are needed by our cells.

There are 13 essential vitamins including:

  1. Vitamin A
  2. Vitamin B1
  3. Vitamin B2
  4. Vitamin B3
  5. Vitamin B5
  6. Vitamin B6
  7. Vitamin B7
  8. Vitamin B9
  9. Vitamin B12
  10. Vitamin C
  11. Vitamin D
  12. Vitamin E
  13. Vitamin K.

Other nutrients that are not vitamins but are considered crucial for the human body’s proper functioning:

  • Choline
  • Carnitine.

Types of Vitamins

There are two types of vitamins:

  1. Fat-soluble vitamins are vitamins that are stored inside your body in the form of fatty tissues or sometimes in the liver. Vitamins A, D, E, B12, and K are fat-soluble and will stay in your body and your body will consume them as needed.
  2. Water-soluble vitamins are not stored in your body and are expelled via urine. These vitamins need to be consumed regularly to avoid deficiencies as no part of them is stored inside your body. All the vitamins that are not fat-soluble are water-soluble.

Vitamins and Premature Ejaculation

Vitamins have a lot of benefits and lack of one or more vitamins leads to multiple disorders including premature ejaculation (not sure what premature ejaculation is, read this guide).

Scientifically, there are multiple vitamins that are linked with PE in one way or another.

For example, one study reported that lack of vitamin D leads to acquired premature ejaculation. Another study linked low levels of vitamin B12 with premature ejaculation. Vitamin B9 (known as folate) is reported in multiple studies to be helpful for men by making them last longer in bed.

Not all vitamins are effective in the treatment of PE.

One study reported that vitamin E has no effect on human sexual functioning.

So, vitamins do help in managing premature ejaculation and some of them play a key role in ejaculation, sexual function, and sexual disorders.

What vitamins you should use if you want to treat your premature ejaculation and want to last longer in bed, let’s find out…

4 Best Vitamins to Make You Last Longer in Bed

Here is a list of the scientifically proven vitamins to last longer:

1. Vitamin B9

Vitamin B9 or folate is scientifically linked with premature ejaculation and helps you last longer in bed. Folate is the natural form while folic acid is the synthetic form of vitamin B9 and is available in the form of supplements.

Folate helps your body in the production of red blood cells and it controls tissue growth and different cell functions.

Vitamin B9 also helps you last longer in bed.

A study reported that vitamin B9 has the potential to treat premature ejaculation permanently by changing neurotransmitters. In a 2014 study, it was reported that folate deficiency in men leads to PE and other male sexual disorders. These results were confirmed by another study where high doses of vitamin B9 were linked to the treatment of PE.

In 2021, a review study noted that folate (folic acid) is a cheaper and safer treatment method for premature ejaculation than SSRIs (which are commonly used off-label for the treatment of PE, read more about SSRIs here).

Vitamin B9 is more effective when it is used with other herbal ingredients, natural ingredients, or antidepressants. Patients in one study were given folic acid and paroxetine (an SSRI antidepressant) together which increased intravaginal ejaculation latency time (IELT) from 1.18 minutes to 9.42 minutes.

Vitamin B9 makes you last longer in bed. It cures premature ejaculation and deficiency of folate will lead you to PE and ejaculation-related issues.

Vitamin B9 Daily Value

Folate is water soluble which means it does not store in your body and you’ll have to take it on a daily basis. Your body needs up to 400 micrograms of folate per day, according to the National Institute of Health (NIH):

folate daily requirements

Here is the official list of the foods that are rich source of folate:

folate rich foods

Since your body does not store vitamin B9, you have to take it daily and it gets hard to eat folate-rich foods on a daily basis. Consequently, you can switch to folic acid which is the synthetic (man-made) form of vitamin B9 and is available in the form of supplements.

When you consume folic acid, your body converts it into folate and then absorbs it.

According to NIH, adults can take up to 1 mg (= 1,000 mcg) of folic acid per day. Taking more than 1 mg per day might lead to issues:


So, you have two options to fulfill your body’s vitamin B9 needs to last longer in bed:

  1. Take vitamin B9 rich foods on a daily basis
  2. Take a folic acid supplement.

NIH recommends both.

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2. Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps your body maintain calcium and phosphorous levels. Sunshine is the primary source of vitamin D and it is hard to get it from foods alone.

Among other benefits, vitamin D is linked with premature ejaculation. Several studies have analyzed the role it plays in delaying orgasm.

A study reported that vitamin D deficiency is associated with lifelong premature ejaculation. All the men who had vitamin D deficiency were suffering from PE. Another study concluded that acquired premature ejaculation is associated with low levels of vitamin D.

A systematic review in 2022 analyzed 8 studies to understand the impact of vitamin D on sexual function and concluded that deficiency of vitamin D in men leads to sexual disorders including premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Vitamin D supplementation improves sexual disorders in men and helps them delay orgasm with full control over ejaculation.

Vitamin D plays a critical role in sexual function and premature ejaculation. If you want to last longer in bed, make sure you don’t have vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D Daily Value

The recommended vitamin D for adults is 15 mcg with an upper limit of 100 mcg. The best source of vitamin D is sunshine and it is hard to find in foods.

vitamin D daily value

Fortified foods are recommended by NIH as they provide your body with necessary vitamin D and since it is stored in your body, consuming fortified foods isn’t much of an issue.

Here is a list of the natural foods that contain vitamin D:

  • Beef liver
  • Fish liver and fatty fish
  • Cheese
  • Mushrooms
  • Egg yolk.

These natural foods contain a small amount of vitamin D which might not be enough.

Sunshine is a decent source of vitamin D. Your skin makes vitamin D when it is exposed to sun, but it has consequences too. For example, excessive exposure to the sun might cause skin cancer and other skin disorders.

Using sunscreen is recommended when exposing bare skin to the sun.

Probably the best way to get vitamin D is through supplements. They are risk-free and keep your body’s needs fulfilled.

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3. Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 (known as cyanocobalamin) is responsible for metabolism management and helps in the formation of red blood cells along with vitamin B9.

Besides metabolism and red blood cell development, vitamin B12 might play a major role in premature ejaculation and climax control in men. It is linked with premature ejaculation in multiple studies.

A 2017 study linked low levels of vitamin B12 with premature ejaculation. Men who have low levels of vitamin B12 are more likely to suffer from PE. Similar results were reported in a 2018 study where PE patients had low levels of vitamin B12. A 2019 study also linked low levels of vitamin B12 with PE.

Men who have vitamin B12 deficiency are more likely to suffer from PE. And increasing the intake of vitamin B12 helps men manage PE so they can last longer.

Vitamin B12 Daily Value

Adults need 2.4 mcg of vitamin B12 per day. There aren’t too many foods that offer you with vitamin B12 but the good news is that your body stores it for several years which means developing a deficiency is highly unlikely – but possible.

Some foods that have vitamin B12 are:

  • Beef liver
  • Fish
  • All types of meat
  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Dairy products
  • Cereals.

Fortified foods also contain vitamin B12.

The issue is that your body can’t easily absorb vitamin B12 from foods you eat which means even if you are taking enough on a daily basis, your body might not be absorbing all of it.

This is one reason why vitamin B12 supplements are recommended by NIH as they are easier to absorb.

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4. Vitamin B7

Biotin is another name of vitamin B17 which is responsible for hormone and cholesterol production and management and it helps your body in the metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates.

A study highlighted the efficacy of vitamin B7 for the management of premature ejaculation. It might help you delay orgasm and last longer in bed.

A 2016 study analyzed the tolerability and efficacy of a combination of 4 minerals on patients who were suffering from lifelong PE. The minerals included biotin, zinc, folate, and Rhodiola rosea. The patients took one tablet for 90 days and then were evaluated for improvement in PE and other variables. On average, the ejaculation duration increased from 73 seconds to 102 seconds with minimal side effects. Around 60% of patients said that they had better control over ejaculation after taking the pill.

This is, however, not clear which of these 4 ingredients actually helped in the treatment of PE. Biotin was not used alone and zinc and folate are scientifically proven in several studies to be effective for the treatment of PE.

The role of vitamin B7 in this case is not too clear.

We need more scientific evidence to clearly demonstrate the relationship between vitamin B7 and premature ejaculation.

It may or may not help you in delaying orgasm during intercourse.

Vitamin B7 Daily Value

Male adults need 30 mcg of biotin per day. It does not store in your body so you have to take it on a daily basis to ensure your body isn’t vitamin B7 deficient.

The good thing is that biotin is readily available in several foods including:

  • Beef liver
  • Eggs
  • Salmon
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Sweet potato
  • Almonds
  • Fish
  • Spinach
  • Dairy products.

These foods do not contain too much vitamin B7 which means you have to consume at least one of these foods on a daily basis. For example, beef liver is the richest source of biotin and 3 ounces include up to 30.8 mcg while a whole egg has 10 mcg of vitamin B7.

This means daily consumption is required.

Alternatively, you can take dietary supplements to fulfill your body’s vitamin B7 needs.

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Final Words

Vitamins play a major role in multiple body functions and orgasm is one of them. Though none of the vitamins is directly associated with ejaculatory function in men, some of them do help men overcome premature ejaculation by getting more control over climax.

The most important vitamins that make you last longer in bed based on scientific evidence are vitamin B9, vitamin D, and vitamin B12. Adding these three vitamins to your daily routine will help you fight both primary and secondary PE and you will be able to last longer during sexual encounters.

Vitamin B7 might help, but there is no clear scientific evidence for it yet.

If you feel that you cannot take daily value for these vitamins, switching to dietary supplements is a nice option (as recommended by NIH). You don’t have to use different supplements, rather choose one supplement that contains all necessary vitamins and you will be good to go.

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Which vitamin is best for long lasting in bed?

Vitamin B complex (which is the combination of all the 8 B vitamins) is best for lasting longer in bed. Several scientific studies have shown that vitamins B9, D, and B12 are associated with premature ejaculation and men who take these 3 vitamins are more likely to last longer in bed.

Is there a vitamin I can take to last longer in bed?

Yes, vitamins B9, B12, and D are the 3 vitamins you can take to last longer in bed. Deficiency of any of these 3 vitamins will lead to premature ejaculation and you won’t be able to delay climax. Consuming these 3 vitamins on a daily basis and meeting the required DV will make you last longer.