Lidocaine Vs Benzocaine Spray

Lidocaine and benzocaine are the two local anesthetics available in the form of sprays, creams, and gels. The sprays are used for male genitals to cure premature ejaculation (PE), dentistry work, skin burns and cuts, and other medical reasons. What’s better between lidocaine vs benzocaine spray? Lidocaine is stronger, more expensive, and has more severe […]


Best Lidocaine Spray for Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation has become a rather more common disorder worldwide. So as the products to cure premature ejaculation such as lidocaine sprays that are getting common and popular globally. If you are not sure what’s the best lidocaine spray for premature ejaculation, this article has all the details you need. Science has discovered various treatment […]

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