No More PE Herbal Delay Spray for Men


Increase timing, confidence, and pleasure with 100% natural, scientifically proven ingredients.


What Customers Are Saying…

I tried multiple sprays of all types. No More PE Herbal Delay Spray is the best I have found. It does not numb me completely and I enjoy what I do. My wife loves it too. Recommended.

K. Luke

It does not make me feel like I am doing an exercise. I get to enjoy it without losing sensation. No itching as I used to get with other sprays. Switching to it forever.

R. Grum

I fell in love with No More PE Spray the moment I tried it. It works instantly, lasts much longer, and no uncomfortable feeling down there. I used 4 pumps and was able to literally go over an hour. Awesome stuff.

B. Meiggs
100% natural ingredients

Natural, Herbal Ingredients

It is made from scientifically proven herbs and plant extracts including Epimedium, ginseng, clove, cnidium, cinnamon, and others that have no side effects.

Controlled Numbing Effect

A mild numbing effect ensures that you don’t lose sensation and stimulation completely – letting you maintain sensation and stimulation.

controllable numbing effect
5 minutes

Works in 5-15 Minutes

It works in 5-15 minutes of application and the effect lasts between 30-60 minutes. You can get to business almost immediately after using the spray.

Clove Extract

It uses clove extract for numbing which is a natural, scientifically proven numbing agent with no adverse effects.


Chemical Free

No chemicals make it harmless. It is free from benzocaine and lidocaine which lead to complete loss of sensation.

Zero Side Effects

Natural ingredients make it harmless. It does not cause skin irritation, itching, rash, or dryness.

100% safe
does not transfer

Does Not Transfer

It does not transfer to your partner and is safe for oral (when used as directed).

Lasts up to an Hour

The numbing effect lasts between 30-60 minutes which is more than enough.

60 minutes
discreet packaging

Discreet Packaging

All the packages are shipped in discreet packaging without product or company name.


The bottle fits in your pocket and is easy to apply on the go.


100 Pumps per Bottle

A single bottle has a minimum of 100 pumps which is enough for up to 2-months.

Money Back Guarantee

Try it risk-free with our 30-day money-back guarantee.

100% money back guarantee

How No More PE Herbal Delay Spray Works

It uses multiple herbal ingredients and plant extracts to help men last longer naturally by reducing the sensitivity. The natural numbing agent driven by clove works by minimizing sensation. Other ingredients work by increasing blood flow down there, increasing your drive, energy, and stamina.

It includes ingredients that promote skin health and have antifungal and antibacterial properties. This minimizes any chance of skin rash and itching and removes bacteria and fungus accumulation.

No More PE Spray Box



Clove is an ancient, natural pain reliever that has anesthetic properties. It is one of the main ingredients used in the No More PE Herbal Delay Spray where it acts as a natural numbing agent to reduce your sensitivity. A study reported that applying homemade clove gel on the skin has a similar effect to a topical numbing agent. Participants in the study had their skin numbed after 2 minutes of applying clove oil. Another study reported that applying clove oil to your pipe 10 minutes before activity for up to 2 months significantly increases timing. It increased duration from 30 seconds to 97 seconds in 8 weeks.



Also known as goat weed, barrenwort, and yin yang huo is a flowering plant native to China and Asia. Epimedium contains a natural compound called icariin which improves blood circulation and improves strength and quality. A review study reported that icariin found in Epimedium is the most effective herb for the treatment of men’s reproductive disorders. A study found that purified goat weed improved strength in male rats.


Ginseng is an herb that’s used extensively in the Chinese medicine system. It has antioxidant properties, helps in increasing timing, treats multiple disorders in men, boosts the immune system, and increases energy and stamina.

A study found that ginseng improves timing when participants use it for 8 weeks. A review study stated that the use of ginseng improves strength and quality in men.



Cinnamon is a beneficial spice that has antioxidant properties and it is highly effective in preventing fungal and bacterial infections. When used with ginseng, it helps in increasing timing in men. A study reported that Korean ginseng and cinnamon cream increased timing from 1.37 minutes to 10.92 minutes.


Cnidium is China’s native plant that’s used in the treatment of reproductive disorders and skin conditions. It is used in the No More PE Herbal Delay Spray for keeping your skin safe from rash and itching. According to a review study on the uses of cnidium monnieri, it treats male incapability and skin-related issues. A study on rats found that cnidium extract has the potential to treat certain disorders.



Commonly known as wild ginger, Asarum plant root is used in several medicines. It has antibiotic properties and is used as a pain reliever and general tonic. A study reported multiple health benefits of wild ginger including skin healing and microbial properties. Asarum keeps your skin safe and free from bacteria when you use our spray.


It is a plant and its parts are used as medicine after drying. It is mostly used in homeopathy for the treatment of certain conditions. It has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, according to a study, that make pulsatilla a part of No More PE Spray to reduce and minimize potential side effects of other ingredients.



Onions are quite helpful for men. Onion juice increases timing and improves drive in men. A rat study reported that fresh onion juice significantly increased timing in male rats and increased their drive.


Does No More PE Herbal Delay Spray affect pleasure during sex?

No, it does not affect pleasure. In fact, our primary goal was to ensure that you do not lose the sensation, pleasure, and feel after applying our herbal spray. You will be able to get the same feel and pleasure that you do in the absence of any spray.

How long do I have to wait after applying No More PE Herbal Delay Spray before I’m ready for sex?

No More PE Herbal Spray works in 5-15 minutes. Generally, you will start feeling slight numbness right away almost instantly. Waiting 5-15 minutes ensures that all the spray is absorbed completely and you will get the best experience ever.

How many pumps do I have to apply initially?

The good thing about No More PE Delay Spray is that its effect is controllable. You can increase or decrease the intensity by increasing or decreasing the number of pumps. It is recommended to start with 2 pumps and see how it works for you. Our research shows that 2-3 pumps per session are enough for 98% of men.

How long does the No More PE Herbal Delay Spray effect last?

The effect of No More PE Spray lasts between 30-60 minutes. It is relative and depends on several factors including the number of pumps used, skin type, stress level, etc., If you want to increase the lasting duration, adding more pumps will increase the effectiveness.

Does No More PE Herbal Delay Spray come in discreet packaging?

Yes, all the orders are shipped in discreet packaging to ensure your privacy and confidentiality. Packages do not include brand name, company name, or product name.

Will No More PE Herbal Spray transfer to my partner?

No, it does not transfer to your partner when you have washed your thingy before penetration. Generally, once the spray is absorbed, it is least likely to transmit to your partner.

What are the side effects of No More PE Delay Spray?

There are no reported side effects or adverse effects. This is because we have used natural ingredients that are safe and carry no risk.

What is the expiration date of No More PE Spray?

The expiration date is 3 years from the date of manufacturing and we try to ensure that customers get products that have at least 2 years of remaining expiry.

How many pumps do I get with No More PE Herbal Delay Spray?

A single 12 ml No More PE Spray bottle has a minimum of 100 pumps while 5 ml bottle has 40 pumps.

Additional information

Weight0.08 lbs
Dimensions1.970 × 4.210 × 0.940 in




Discreet Packaging




Bottle Height

4 inches


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